Rohos Logon Key 3.0 with OATH support

Let us present you a new version of  Rohos Logon Key program – Rohos Logon Key 3.0 with OATH support. Now you can use popular Google Authenticator and Yubikey H-OTP for 2-factor Windows login.

Rohos Logon Key  will prevent your computer from illegal intrusion into the personal data stored in your PC. Log in to your Windows with the help of 2-factor authentication by using various tokens and electronic keys. Believe it or not, the program changes an ordinary USB flash drive into powerful, two factor tool protecting your computer and notebook.

What’s new to discover?

  1. Google Authenticator support one time passwords (OTP) generator from Google.
  2. YubiKey HOTP support for Windows login
    Both of these tokens can be configured for 2-factor login: Something you have (Phone or Yubikey) and something you know (Windows password)
  3. New settings and bugs fixed for wireless key – Wireless PC Lock based on RFID technology.
  4. New settings features have been added for Easyident FS- 2044 wireless reader equipped with elegant tags in the shape of EM 4100 watches.
  5. Auto Logoff Timer
  6. Writes Log for all authentication eventsinto txt file
  7. Yubikey settings update added the list of configured yubikeys with possibility to remove certain key and import/export settings. PIN code feature has been disabled.

A more detailed overview:

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Using Google Authenticator OTP for Windows login



System requirements: Windows 7,8,10, 2008,2012

The access to your computer or user account is usually password-protected. But sometimes it is not enough, especially, when your data requires high level of confidentiality. You don’t want to provide attackers with the chance to get hold of your most secret stuff your data, don’t you? We has included Google Authenticator and Yubikey HOTP support into Rohos Logon Key. Now Windows login is performed in High-Safety mode by using Time based One Time Password and HOTP codes.

If you have Android, iOS or BlackBerry phones, use Google Authenticator program. Protect your computer with strong OTP password (One Time Password). OTP password – the password generated by special device or program, and it is valid only once and right at the moment it has been generated. And there is no sense to spy on or capture such password. Whenever you try to enter the same password one more time or a bit later i.e. beyond the time interval predetermined – it will be rejected. Each time you log on to your computer, you will be requested an OTP password from your phone.
Integrated into Rohos Logon Key program, Google Authenticator will serve as logon key to your PC.  You will always have your secret password with you in your phone. You won’t have to enter Windows password manually, the program will do it for you. Comfortable and reliable.

How to use Google Authenticator app to log in to your PC?

So, let us take, for example, the Android phone and consider how to set up Rohos Logon Key for Windows using OTP password from Google Authenticator app.

1. Make sure you have Google Authenticator app intalled on your phone. (Googles or Barcode Scanneradditionally may be required for QR code scan).

2. Once the applications installed on the phone, you can start setting up Rohos Logon Key for your computer.

  • Install the latest Rohos Logon Key v3.0  for Windows.
  • Open Rohos Logon > Options dialog and select from the authentication devices list – Google Authenticator (OATH), serving as a security key. Then press OK. Read more

Rohos Logon Key v. 2.9 improvements for Windows 7

Dear users and customers, we are happy to announce a few improvements in Rohos Logon Key. New features affects “Allow login only by USB Key” feature specially when using Rohos Logon in corporate network or Windows Remote Desktop services.

What’s new:

1. When you use “Allow to login only by USB Key” feature, you may define a set of users that will be able still to login by a regular password (without USB Key). Please note:
– Current user name is added to this list automatically by default .
– We recommend to set it to Terminal Server administrator user name
– If it is blank: regular password based login will be disabled for any user (ensure that you have defined Emergency Login or have a valid USB Key)
– Rohos Icon in Credentials Prompt dialog box allows any user name credential to be entered manually.

2. On the Windows 7/2008 logon screen you have Rohos logon icon.

Now it contains User name and password fields. This is designed specially for network Admins to be able to access computer in a regular way locally or via Remote Desktop.

3. User Account Control credentials prompt with Rohos icon. Now you can regular use here User Name and password. Please note – this credentials prompt accepts USB Key or any user name and password entered manually.

4. On Windows 7/ 2008 Rohos logon key creates “Rohos Logon Key (User)” shortcut that allows regular users to setup and manage USB Key for Windows authentication.

5. USB key redirection into Remote Desktop

Rohos Logon Key allows to setup redirected USB flash drive as a Login Key for Windows Remote Desktop.

On the screenshot “\\tsclient\G” is a USB flash drive connected to client PC. After setting up this USB drive it will contain also portable Rohos components to login into Remote Desktop from any PC with this Key (without installing Rohos on it)

A few notes about Windows Remote Desktop services support

Today In most configurations “Network Level Authentication” option is used on a Windows Terminal Server (TS). It  means after providing credentials in the MS Remote Desktop Connection user login straight into Remote Desktop (without entering credentials at login screen).

In this case you need to use “Allow to login only by USB Key” option in Rohos Logon Key (installed on TS). So NLA will be used anyway but in addition require USB Key in Terminal Server login screen. This will enforce 2-factor authentication principle : Remote Desktop users will be able to provide credentials at RDC and USB Key will be verified also.

If you are Network Administrator you will be able to login into TS by using regular username/password .

Remote Desktop connection passthrough

On Windows 7 / Windows 2008 R2 rohos credential provider support passthrough authentication for Remote Desktop login (based on NLA – Network Level Authentication). Once credentials are authenticated via NLA it will be used by Rohos.

To enable this feature: Open Rohos Logon Key > Options > More > and enable “Enable authentication filter”.

Windows 7 / 2008 logon screen editor

Now Rohos Logon allows to edit logon screen picture (background) and user icons.

The list of options you can customize on Windows 7 logon screen by Rohos:

  • Hide Rohos Logon Key icon
  • Change the picture of Rohos Logon Key icon
  • Hide any user icon or just a single icon
  • Change background picture of logon screen

Download Rohos Logon Key release with this improvements.

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Rohos Logon Key Two- factor authentication solution that converts any USB drive into a security token for your computer and allows to access Windows in secure way by USB token, replacing the Windows login.

Rohos Logon Key for Mac Rohos Logon Key turns any USB drive into a security key for your Mac. Using Rohos Logon Key you can add hardware level protection for your Mac.

Rohos Face Logon The program is designed to add authentication convenience and additional security level to the standard Windows logon procedure. It allows logging into Windows computer in an easy, fast and secure way by using any Windows compatible camera.

Rohos Disk Encryption The program creates hidden and protected partitions on the computer or USB flash drive. Best encryption software that protects your sensitive data on internal or removable drives. It also offers “on-the-fly” encryption even in traveler mode by using portable utility – Rohos Disk Browser.

Wireless PC Lock – USB stick and wireless token in your pocket

Recently we were asked by our customers – is this possible to use “Wireless PC lock” tokens with Rohos Logon Key for user authentication into Windows. This week we got a sample of this product into our Lab and we are going to test it and then integrate into Rohos if possible.

We ordered our sample from SPIRIT-ON Enterprise Co. Ltd based on Taiwan. This hardware vendor produces PC accessories including RFID devices. This is the basic idea of the wireless token (scanned from the box):

When you step away from the computer with the token – it locks the desktop immediately and vice versa coming back will unlock the desktop.

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