Pulling USB drive out of the computer with Rohos Logon…

We always wanted to tell you that in order to use the program Rohos Logon Key, you have to set up the option “Optimize USB drive for quick removal” (read farther).
And our user Patrick reminded us about that:

“I am trying Rohos Logon Key . I have two questions. If you pull USB drives out of the computer, you risk losing data or killing the drive. Couldn\’t this cause a problem if using Rohos in this manner? …”

Patrick meant that before pulling the USB drive out you should use the dialog Safe hardaware removal:

Safe USB drive removal dialog.

But when you use Rohos Logon Key it’s useless to use this Safe Removal dialog (though you may do it if you use PIN code and lock the system by hotkey Win+L), because the quick computer lock-out by using USB key becomes senseless. In this case in Windows you should set up the option To optimize USB drive for quick removal:

Optimize USB flash drive for quick removal to prevent data loss

The red lines show the actions that go one after another: My computerUSB disk properties – Hardware page – double click on the name of the USB diskPolicyOptimize USB drive for quick removal check box.

More than 20 USB flash drives were at our disposal, and only 1 of 3 “has died” suddenly (stopped recognized by Windows on the next day).

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