Rohos Mini – expiration bug fixed

> Trial tim has expired.
> Please order full version.

This message you will get from Rohos Mini when you will try to open encrypted disk on a Guest computer after 15 day of using it.Sorry for the troubles. Rohos Mini is FREE flash drive encryption program.
This problem was fixed. You can update now. Read on how to apply fix…

How to apply ‘expiration bug’ fixing on existing installation:

  1. Install new Version of Rohos Mini Drive.
  2. Restart Windows.
  3. Open Rohos Mini.
  4. Attach your USB drive with a hidden partition. (ensure that it is a single removable USB drive attached at the moment, unplug other USB drives if any)
  5. Click Help -> Get Registereed -> OK on “Yes I wan to upgrade my license” –
  6. Enter the key:
  7. Press OK.
  8. Open your USB drive folder in Explorer (F:\ for instance).
  9. Delete Rohos Mini.exe file from USB drive.
  10. Open C:\program Files\Rohos\ folder, right click on the agent.exe and “copy“.
  11. Goto USB drive folder and Paste (agent.exe).
  12. Rename agent.exeit into “Rohos Mini.exe”

That;s all. Sorry for the troubles.
Now you can open your hidden partition on the Guest PC without
expiration notice. Rohos Mini is a freeware program but its based on
the Full version of Rohos Disk data encryption program, that’s why this bug happened.