Announce. Rohos Credential Provider for Vista

Teslain Ltd. announces it’s new Credential Provider component for Windows Vista.

The Windows Vista Credential Provider extends traditional password-based authentication and allows Software developers to add their own credential mechanisms to the operating system.

Rohos Logon Key Credential Provider. Windows Vista 2-factor authentication, secure logon

Rohos Logon Key allows to use hardware-based authentication for data and privacy protection. Its features for the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system include:

  • Secure PC logon and workstation lock with the USB flash drive key
  • Convenient fast-user switching for multiple users
  • Remote Desktop Connection login with the USB key on the client computer
  • 2-factor authentication support
  • Multiple options for the USB key removal events such as automatic computer locking, user logoff, computer shutdown or activating screensaver
  • Regular password based login can be prohibited

Regular password based login

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