eToken Pro/R2, corporate security USB dongles in Rohos Logon

Hi All,

We’ve been working on some important feature: To add USB tokens support to Rohos Logon Key.
Aladdin eToken PRO
We plan to support PKCS11 communication standard to work with USB tokens. The PKCS11 is supported by all industry leading USB tokens such as Aladdin eToken PRO/r2, SafeNet’s iKey, ASEKey Crypto USB Token, ACS USB Tokens and so on.

In General Rohos Logon will be able to support any kind of USB key device, thanks to the special API (plugin model) that is being introduced now. The external key.dll module can handle any type of devices. For example Bluetooth phone/pocket PC for Wireless logon, read about it in the next posts…

In the development room we have now eToken PRO 32kb, eToken R2 16kb and ruToken USB tokens. All tokens already work with Rohos. If you are interested to get a next release preview of Rohos Logon Key please hold on for a while. SOON we will post download links.
Also please keep all your suggestions and feature requests coming. There’s nothing we like better than hearing your ideas and then putting them into action.

Thank you.