Updated BlueTooth Logon

Rohos Logon Key 2.5 has been released with some BlueTooth Logon updates.

Rohos Logon Key updates:

  • Properly works upon sleeping/hibernation exit
  • Properly works if there are more than two BlueTooth devices in the room
  • While setting up BlueTooth enabled mobile/pocket PC the program immediately detects all availabe BlueTooth devices in the radius
  • Enhanced function sensing “lost connection” with BlueTooth device. Reduced possibility of false lock.
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista
  • By the way, with BlueTooth enabled mobile it’s possible to unlock 2 and more computers in an office


How to set up Rohos Logon Key:

Now we work on support for BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack – an easy-to-use, interoperable and widely used BlueTooth software.

For those who are still interested in Desktop Locker only, we have discovered a new wireless PC lock – BlueGuardian.