Windows logon with YubiKey

YubiKey logon windows.
Recently we have come across YubiKey – authentication device and now we announce Rohos Logon Key for YubiKey.

Download Rohos Logon
(1.2 Mb, Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/2008)

How to try Rohos Logon with YubiKey:

  1. Install Rohos.
  2. Open Rohos Logon > Options > Choose USb Key device type :
    “YubiKey”. OK.
  3. Configure USB Key > the program should detect connected YubiKey.
    Enter your win pass > OK > touch YubiKey in the next dialog box.

Now you can Win+L to try Windows logon with YubiKey. Or restart

Notice about Yubikey support:

  1. Rohos Logon detects YubiKey as USB keyboard device by its VID/PID.
  2. During setup Rohos Logon bounds to your YubiKey IDs.
  3. In current release Rohos doesn’t check generated OTP on the server, or OTP validity. It only checks the key’s ID.
  4. During accepting a string from YubiKey Rohos allows only 4 sec to enter it, or it will deny it thinking that user enters it manually (Copy/Paste disabled also).

Notice about Rohos Logon:

  1. Rohos Logon can work in any Windows version (but not 95’s).
  2. Rohos autodetects the type of Windows login and integrates into it.
    But you can manually change it (Windows XP welcome screen, typical win 2000 style login, rohos’s Gina).
  3. You should use password protected user account

Bugs or problems? :
* Please open c:\program files\rohos\ and send us all *.log files
including yubico_mod_****.log to

Download Rohos Logon