Rohos Disk Encryption for Mac OS X

Rohos disk under mac os xRecently we have come across wonderful application Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac OS X. It allows to use Windows applications under Mac seamlessly.  We tested Rohos Disk and Rohos Mini Drive under Parallels (+winxp) and figured out that we don’t need to port Rohos Disk under Mac OS X :).

It works greatly under Parallels virtual PC!

1. Rohos Disk Encryption test results:
it works!

  • Rohos Disk icon appears in the status area, so you can easily open virtual encrypted container
  • Rohos Disk letter appears on the Mac desktop, so you can use it from any Mac OS X application to protect any file or folder
  • Rohos Disk notification may appear twice

2. Rohos Mini Drive tests:

  • after you plug in USB stick protected with Rohos, redirect it into Windows virtual PC.
  • then click Start (Windows Menu) > My Computer > F:\  (your USB drive letter) and open Rohos Mini.exe
  • enter secure partition password
    > Rohos icon will apear in the status area
    > Rohos disk letter will appear on the Mac desktop

The last thing we would like to test is how to integrate Windows Send-To menu into Mac OS X context menu so it’d allow to send files into Rohos drive.