How to backup data on the USB drive secured partition

Rohos Disk Encryption software allows users to have  new secure storage on a computer or USB flash drives. In this post we would like to underline the importance of data back-up especially if you are using Rohos disk on USB flash drives. Due to nature of USB flash drives (portable and special memory design) its memory is subject to external influence and the data integrity is not so strong.

Most people realize the importance of data back-up after the disaster has happened:

  • they lost USB stick with secured partition on it
  • after a couple of month of using secure partition on the USB flash drive it has numerous of File System errors due to missed Disk Check procedures
  • after an occasional (but still possible) USB memory data sector failure a part or entire secure Rohos partition is damaged

In fact making a per-month back-up copy of the Rohos Disk is an easy 5-minute procedure. There are two ways to make back-up:

  1. When the Rohos Disk is OFF – make a copy of entire rdisk**.rdi file (rohos disk image file)
    1. Press Win+R and type “f:\_rohos\” to open the Explorer on this folder (f:\ – is your USb drive)
    2. Copy rdisk**.rdi file into a back-up location.
      Drag-and-drop rdisk**.rdi file into a DVD-Recorder software to burn the back-up into DVD disk.
  2. When the Rohos Disk is ON (visible as drive letter) – Make a copy of Rohos disk content by using Windows or other backup software: Windows XP Backup Made Easy.

In next version of Rohos Disk Encryption 1.7 and Rohos Mini Drive 1.7 we plan to implement a reminder and help functions to automate and simplify data back-up on the Rohos secure drives.