Rohos Logon Key for Mac 1.7: Touchatag logon

(updated on 20 April, 09)

We would like to publish Rohos Logon Key for Mac v.1.7. beta.

What’s new:

  1. Supports Yubikey OTP validation on the Yubico’s server.
  2. Added new USB Key type: Touchatag RFID reader + tags.
  3. Fixed security bug with YubiKey static authentication, in some cases it was possible to unlock Mac by entering YubiKey ID. The bug affects only screen saver unlock window.
  4. Fixed PIN code dialog, now it can be closed by the user in case of PIN/YubiKey authentication failure.
  5. Improved PIN code function, now after 3 wrong attempts to enter PIN the USB Key will be blocked. It means it will not be possible to use it as a logon key. To unblock the USB key, open Rohos application and change PIN code (only the blocked USB Key should be connected).
  6. Improved compatibility with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.*)

Download v.1.7 beta.

YubiKey: How to set up Yubico URL for OTP verification:

  • Click Rohos Logon icon in the status area and choose Preferences…
  • In the Preferences dialog box click YubiKey and check “Check Yubikey OTP…”
  • Enter OTP server URL. By default it is:

Logon with Touchatag:

To set up Touchatag Tag as a wireless Key for logon, open Preferences (see Rohos Logon icon in the status area) and select “Touchatag”:

Then click “ON” on the main window.

During a Tag setup for logon Rohos Logon bounds to the Tag serial number (printed on the tag).

  • Only Touchatag reader drivers should be installed
  • Internet connection is not required. Rohos Logon doesn’t validate any Tag against Touchatag server.
  • One or more Tags can be configured for login into the same user account
  • 2-factor authentication with PIN code. It’s possible to assign additional PIN code that will be asked by Rohos Logon each time for Touchatag login.
  • The Rohos may not work correctly when Touchatag application is running.