Lock Mac OS Snow Leopard with USB Key

Apple is expected to release Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard two months after WWDC ’09. Today we have updated install package of Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS X. Now for those who already migrated to Snow it’s possible to lock Mac with a USB Key security. Rohos Logon Key allows converting any USB flash drive into a security Key to access your Mac without entering password each time.

Now Rohos Setup package contents looks like this:

Snow Leopard users should use RohosInstall64bit v.1.7.2 for Snow Leopard package. This is v.1.7.2 package but some components were updated for x64 kernel support.

After installing and restarting you may open Rohos Logon and set up your USB key:

After that you can set up an action to lock your Mac automatically upon USB flash drive removal from USB port.  Or define a PIN code for two-factor authentication. PIN code has a limited number of attempts.

Learn more about Rohos Logon

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