Rohos Logon v.2.7. eToken support for Windows Vista x64.

(updated on 15 September)

High levels of security require a secure storage tool for logins to Windows systems, applications and web sites. Rohos Logon Key offers two-factor authentication as a flexible approach to your PC protection. And this may be exactly what many are looking for in their pursuit of enhanced user authentication to their computers and networks.

In connection with this Rohos Logon Key v.2.7 has undergone several updates.

What’s new:

  • Now Rohos Logon supports eToken PRO in Windows Vista x64.  We have run compatibility tests with eToken PKI Client 5.0 SP1 for Windows Vista/XP x64. The result is a SUCCESS!. Also this update refers to RuToken, uaToken and other PKCS11 available devices that works under x64
  • Fixed YubiKey support for Windows x86/x64 bug
  • Fixed error in Windows Seven/Vista when using USB Key + PIN in Credentials Prompt dialog box (UAC).
  • Fixed Emergency Logon bug that may occur when user changes ‘Maximum attempts’ value.

To update, download new release and install over existing Rohos Logon. Restart Windows.

Screen shot: