Upcoming Rohos Face Logon 2.9!

We have just recently released Rohos Face Logon v. 2.9! At this time, we have added new feature: possibility to use USB drive as a login key along with your Face.

Now you have alternative that, allows accessing Windows in secure way by USB token or face recognition at the same time. You choose the way you like to authorize.  We have combined biometric login with hardware security.

Now you have yourself and USB flash drive to lock/unlock your PC or notebook.

Rohos Face Logon security advantages:

  • Automatic login or desktop unlock when your face is recognized.
  • Self-training – helps avoiding face recognition failure.
  • Multi-user support – You may register faces of several users for any user account!
  • All registered face patterns are saved and poor ones may be deleted.
  • USB flash drive as a key to your computer or notebook.

What’s new?

  • Allows to use USB drive as a backup login key
  • Rohos Face Logon now translated into French and Russian languages.
  • Power saving feature – now face recognition starts after you move mouse or touch keyboard.

Rohos Face Logon Main Window

Unique features:

  1. You may hide the fact of presence of Face Recognition authentication;
  2. Authentication variety – your password, Face or USB Key;
  3. Self-training possibility to improve recognition process;
  4. Power saving – face recognition may stop camera usage if there is no person in front of the PC;

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