Technical support for Rohos Software

While using Rohos Software it may appear some technical questions. Please, follow the FAQ to fix the issue. You can review the articles that are publicized in the support section:

In case you don’t manage to solve the problem, contact us vie Support.

Likewise we offer remote support by TeamViewer. The remote session occurs in real time. You will be able to see every step made by technician. The cost of the service 20 Euro/hour. You make payment, after we have fixed the issue. The payment is proceeded through our Internet-shop (Credit Card, Paypal, Bank etc..)

How to establish connection remotely on your computer?

  1. Previously send us message vie support.
  2. Reserve the convenient time for remote session during 10:00 AM to 16:00 PM + 3:00 GTM
  3. Download TeamViewer software (free version)
  4. You should launch TeamViewer if you ready to start (no need of any installation on the any PC/laptop)
  5. Send us the ID, the password generated by Quick Support module.
  6. Do not close the TimeViewer window. Wait connection.
  7. When connection will be established you will note that.