Safe encryption with Rohos Disk Encryption 1.9

Rohos Disk Encryption 1.9 Release
March 14, 2012.

We announce a release of the advanced version – Rohos Disk Encryption v.1.9  with the final updates and new function. The Rohos Disk Encryption program allows you to store the information encrypted on any USB flash drive, hard drive or CD/DVD. We use one of the most secure data encryption algorithms – AES 256 bit. «Encryption on-the-fly» is an instant process hiding your personal information and confidential data any time you work with them.

Advantages of the Rohos Disk

  • Secure storage and transport of personal information on any data storage device
  • The data are encrypted and you are the only one who has access to them. Enter the secret password or insert the USB key and your private disk will be connected for further work with it.
  • The size of the encrypted disk is not limited and it can be increased if required, so, you can protect all the personal info available.

Easy-to-use encryption with the help of Rohos Disk:

  • Set up any USB flash drive as a key to access your private disk. Now, there is no necessity to remember the password to the disk.
  • Reserved copy reminder this software will inform you just in time whenever a reserved copy of the disk needs to be done.
  • There is no need for prior installation of the program on the host computer to get access to the disk. The portable Rohos Disk Browser utility allows you to open the encrypted Rohos disk on any computer even without requiring any administrative rights.

Let us note some Rohos Disk improvements:

  1. We fixed the problem when the interface of the main program window displayed only partially.
  2. As you encrypt the first disk, the folders on it are created by default (documents, programs, etc.) Now after creating the second disk the folders are not generated by default.
  3. We added the function of the forced lock of the encrypted disk in the time interval indicated. The built-in timer will lock the secret disk as soon as the time set by the user expires. If the user has left his computer and is inactive during the whole time interval set or turned on the hibernation mode, the locking function will work automatically. After getting back to work the Rohos Disk will ask for the password to the secret disk. You’ll have 25 seconds to enter the password to the secret disk or connect secure USB token – the encrypted key with the password to the disk. If you fail to enter the right password the disk will be disconnected (more)
  4. Updates in Rohos Disk Browser.

Download Rohos Disk v.1.9 (30 days demo)