How to setup a key for each user on MAC OS X 10.9. Step-by-step manual.

To use a hardware key instead of a password for each user do the following:

  • Install Rohos Logon Key application on your MAC:


    1. Download the application from page;

    2. Unzip the archive;
    3. Use Uninstall application to delete the old version of Rohos Logon Key application from your computer;
    4. Launch RohosLogon v3.0 beta;
    5. After wizard finishes his work, You will have Rohos icon in the launchpad:

      Launch the application and setup the key for current user.

    1. Click on the icon, corresponding the type of key:

    2. On the next window select connected device and insert the password of current user:
    3. Click OK. On main window of the application select the action on key removing:
    4. Close the window. Key setup procedure for this user is finished. Now you can restart the computer to verify, how it works.
  • Now  you need to setup a key for another user. Unplug
    your key and login as another user. Plug another USB device, if
    1. Launch Rohos Logon Key from the launchpad or from the taskbar icon of Rohos Logon Key:
    2. Click Add key device button and select the type of device. Select anothe device:

    3. Write the password and click OK. Select usb key removal event.

Now, instead of user selecting and password inserting a user can plug his USB key and Rohos Logon Key application executes logon for corresponding user.