Secure Terminal Server authentication by using Google Authenticator or SMS


New Rohos Logon Key v3.2 allows to secure your Terminal Server by adding strong 2-factor authentication policy for remote desktop connection. In order to login users needs to provide regular login and One-Time-Password code. Also we have simplified licensing for Windows Terminal server by introducing “Rohos Logon Key Server license” that allows unlimited use of Rohos Logon on a single Terminal Server.

2-factor authentication variety:

  • By using a smartphone with Google Authenticator application;
  • When One-Time-Password is delivered to any mobile phone by SMS;
  • By using a hardware OTP generator like Yubikey;
  • Each user account can be configured with any type of 2-factor authentication mean;

The benefits of 2-factor authentication for Remote Desktop:

  • User must provide new OTP code each time for login;
  • Each generated OTP code is unique and cannot be duplicated by user;
  • Allows to restrict Remote Desktop access by user list or user group;
  • You dont need to install Rohos on a client PC/device you log in from;
  • 2-factor authentication applied by the List of Users / by the Active Directory group membership / by IP address filter;

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