Backup copies made faster in Rohos Disk Encryption 2.2

Rohos Disk ensures that your data is protected from third parties by locking the disk in your absence. The size of the disk can be increased as needed. You can create several disks on a PC, USB flash drive, or a DVD at the same time.

We’ve introduced a new version of Rohos Disk — Rohos Disk Encryption 2.2. A distinctive new feature that it brings is the remarkable Backup Disk functionality. Now making a backup copy of the contents of an encrypted disk is much faster and easier.

Key features:

  • Lets you quickly create an archive from the disk container:
  • Remembers what folder the archive was created in. You can later copy an image with just one click;
  • Gives you the possibility of setting how often backup copies are made. For this, tick the box next to the option “Automatically create backup into these folders every XX days” where XX is the frequency you want. (This function is currently being developed and will become available shortly.)

New in this version:

  • Rohos Disk Portable is open source;
  • Additional support for Bulgarian and Turkish languages;
  • Improved support for Windows 10;
  • Improved Rohos Disk Browser for 64-bit applications;
  • Improved compatibility with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Now they will update the disk image in the cloud with the frequency you specify instead of doing this only each time that the disk is enabled or disabled. (This function is currently being developed and will become available shortly.)

Here the settings for the disk are stored, showing where its contents are copied to:

They are individual for each disk for which a backup copy has been created.