To achieve mutually-beneficial relationships between SafeJKA and partners we have developed several programs –

  • Hardware Vendor Partner Program
  • Reseller Program
  • Customized Versions
  • Virtual Encrypted Drive SDK
  • Windows 2-factor Authentication SDK
  • that motivate to drive more sales and increase revenue and profit for both SafeJKA and you. For software and hardware vendors we offer to enhance their existing products with the best authentication and encryption solutions.Hardware Vendor Partner ProgramDesigned for companies who embed SafeJKA technology with their own applications and security devices. We provide customized versions to meet specific requirements.
    Our Windows-Logon technology gives vendors an additional opportunities and key business advantage against their competitors:

  • Windows Seven and Mac OS X support
  • USB Key copy protection
  • Works with all major Windows authentication services: from standalone XP/Vista home computer up to AD/Novell joined workstation
  • USB Key password protection
  • If you are looking for a specific feature within our software, then please contact us (using the form on the Support page) and we will be happy to provide you with any additional information we have about that functionality. Reseller Program
    By default we offer 20% discount for Resellers and free NFR licenses.To get started as Reseller:

  • Register as reseller
  • Visit Shopping Cart page and Order the product
  • On checkout page enter your resseller login/id to apply discount (as shown on screenshot)
  • Make the purchase and receive the licenses immediately.
  • Please contact us directly if you need test licenses.Get Started as Affiliate:We offer you popular data security software, and we’ve started a program where other web sites can make money by advertising selling our security software.

  • Register as Affiliate
  • Publish our product info on your web page.
  • Create special affiliate links
  • To get more information about ShareIt Affiliate Network read this.
  • Our Publisher ID: 200086566.
  • Our general terms and fees:

  • 20% discount by default
  • Minor updates are free
  • Our e-commerce platform is provided b Digital River (ShareIt)Customized Versions We can offer a customized versions of our two-factor authentication and data security solutions. Thus Tesline-Service develops special features according to Customer order. There already are created versions and quiet an experience in this field.SDKOur technology is installed on a million of computers and flash drives around the world. We offer a multi level Virtual Disk Encryption SDK and 2-factor authentication SDK, C++ open source, with C++ sample code and included tech support.