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Rohos Face Logon 3.3

Meet a new version of Rohos Face logon from 17 January 2017. In this realease: was added a support for Windows Surface 10 tablets; were fixed some compatibility errors; added support for Windows Surface PRO 2 devices; now you can disable the logging of faces(Options -> Logged in -> off); now it is possible to […]

The new and updated Rohos Face Logon is ready to use

Dear Rohos Face Logon users, we are pleased to introduce an updated version of the program you love. In the new version you’ll find: Updated interface; Improved Windows 10 support; Ability to chose the priority web camera for Windows tablets; Support for Windows Surface and Windows Surface PRO. These updates have been brought to the free […]

Rohos Logon Key 3.3

We are happy to announce Rohos Logon Key v.3.3 with many improvements and one nice feature. In Version 3.3: New look and options 2-factor Authentication Setup and Emergency Logon improvements; Improved support for Remote Desktop, IP filter, error-free determination of your IP address. You can write several IP-addresses, (no spaces, comma is delimiter) Improved support for […]

Backup copies made faster in Rohos Disk Encryption 2.2

Rohos Disk ensures that your data is protected from third parties by locking the disk in your absence. The size of the disk can be increased as needed. You can create several disks on a PC, USB flash drive, or a DVD at the same time. We’ve introduced a new version of Rohos Disk — […]

Protecting your computer and data with ruToken

Authenticating for Windows and accessing a secret disk with a ruToken key. In short: now the popular ruToken identification device can be used in Rohos Logon Key and Rohos Disk as the one key needed to log in to Windows and your protected data. Rohos Logon Key works fully on Windows Vista/7 and also supports […]

Rohos Logon Key v.3.1

Rohos Logon Key v 3.1 allows you to implement a two-factor authentication policy, based on a user list or user groups in Active Directory. This allows you to verify two-factor authentication and apply it step by step. New features: Improved option Allow login only using a USB key Added function Check Key Serial Number. It […]

Addimat USB2 Waiter Lock

We would like to turn your attention to one more device designed for secure user authentication on Windows and compatible with Rohos Logon Key. This is the RFID tag from the Swiss company Addimat. It was originally designed for identifying wait staff in pizzerias, restaurants, and cafés. It consists of an RFID reader with a […]

Rutoken micro, a tiny identification device

To put it simply: if you are the owner of a laptop computer and are concerned about protecting confidential data, then consider the micro version of a key device for IT security. Here you’ll learn about the Rutoken micro USB token from Russia and what the main advantages of its miniature design are.

Setting up shared access to an encrypted disk

Rohos Disk Encryption allows you to set up shared access to an encrypted disk for different uses: Shared access for all users on a single computer. For example, on Windows Terminal Services, In this case, users do not need to know the password for the disk, and they do not need to launch Rohos Disk. […]

The exceptionally small Rutoken Micro authentication device

Simply put, if you own a notebook and are concerned about the security of your information, then you should take a look at the micro version of this IT security key. Here you’ll learn about the Rutoken ECP Micro from Russia and the major advantages of its miniature design.

Rohos software in Turkish language

Rohos Logon Key and Rohos Mini Drive available in Turkish language: Rohos Logon Key USB belle?inizi aç?l??ta PC nize eri?ebilmek için benzersiz bir anahtar haline getiriyor.Rohos Logon Key herhangi bir USB sürücünüzü PC niz için bir güvenlik arac?na dönü?türüyor ve Windows a eklenerek daha güvenli bir eri?im sa?l?yor. Ayr?ca Rohos Logon Key cihaz?n?z? takt???n?zda otomatik […]

Automatically logon in Windows 8

Sometimes is necessary to provide a user the automatically logon in Windows without using of any key and password. Administrator’s account, however, must be protected with a password and hardware key. Windows 8 allows you to login without writing a password, although it was assigned. For example, we’ve created a user account User321, and assigned a […]

Shared Rohos Disk on Terminal Server, network or standalone PC.

Rohos Disk Encryption allows you to set up shared access to an encrypted disk for various purposes:  Common access to all users of a single computer. This is default behavior of Rohos Disk letter access mode. All users on a computer or terminal server is able to access and work with encrypted drive letter. Users […]

Using of Aladdin(SafeNet) e-token PRO with Rohos Logon Key.

Electronic USB-keys and smartcards eToken are compact devices, designed to provide the data security for corporate clients and private users. Like an ordinary computer, eToken contains a microprocessor and memory modules, works under his own operating system, executes his applications and stores Your information. To use an e-token in your system, you should install a driver and […]

Rohos Logon Key 3.0 with OATH support

Let us present you a new version of  Rohos Logon Key program – Rohos Logon Key 3.0 with OATH support. Now you can use popular Google Authenticator and Yubikey H-OTP for 2-factor Windows login. Rohos Logon Key  will prevent your computer from illegal intrusion into the personal data stored in your PC. Log in to […]

ICQ/Skype encryption in Rohos Disk v.2.0

We are glad to announce the release of Rohos Disk 2.0. Tesline-Service company is always trying to keep up with the trends of IT world, and now it is ready to offer you Rohos software already compatible with Windows 8. The new features have been added to simplify the encryption process without compromising data security. […]