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How to lock Skype and encrypt Skype profile folder

Today Skype offers cool features like chatting, file sharing, video calls and even calls to landlines. However your instant message history, contacts list, phone numbers etc, are stored in an open form. Anyone who is using your PC could read this information with special tool. Also children are exposed to on-line dangers such as bullying, […]

How to password protect Google Chrome profile with encryption

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers for Windows. However it doesn’t have a master password feature. It means all of your passwords, credit card number, web logins are open for anybody who uses your PC. Here you will find out how to protect your Google Chrome profile including history  with a […]

Safe and transparent protection of all private data on the USB drive with no backdoor.

Do not underestimate security of your data. Thefts of data and entire computers are a daily matter. Both individuals and enterprises lose top secret financial data and for some it costs reputation. In the light of the latest news on FBI wanting to require all encrypted communications systems to have back doors really undermines the […]

Rohos Mini and Rohos Disk v.1.8. Keep folders hidden!

(updated February 10, 2011) You share your computer with somebody but would rather keep your data private??? It’s not always possible. Using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Skype??? Well, for an experienced user it’s a piece of cake to find and look through your Skype chat’s logs without being signed into your account. And now […]

Rohos Logon Key v.2.8 with MiFare smart cards provides safeguard physical and network access.

Chisinau, Moldova (08/04/10)  Tesline-Service today announced that now its two-factor authentication solution Rohos Logon Key v.2.8 supports MiFare S50/S70 smart cards to provide the most secure physical and network access to Windows systems. The use of Smart Cards for user authentication is considered to be the strongest form of authentication and combines something physical (Smart […]

Rohos Logon Key for Mac v.2.3. No worries about your Mac’s security.

Should you be worried about your Mac’s security? Yes, unless your machine has reliable security software that would protect your precious Mac from prying eyes and yet add login convenience. Do you use a piece of security software, or do you think it’s unnecessary caution? Rohos Logon Key for Mac is two-factor authentication solution that […]

Rohos Logon Key. Chinese translation.

Good quality two-factor authentication and encryption software is in demand everywhere. Rohos products are of big interest around the world: Rohos Mini Drive for being free and most wanted free portable data encryption utility; Rohos Logon Key – for providing robust two-factor authentication for your PC and supporting numerous authentication devices, Rohos Face Logon – […]

Special offers- Looking for a deal?

Dear Rohos users, Are you looking for a special offer? Check out our Special Offers from Rohos page. We love to share. So we regularly update this page with our newest promotions. It’s the best place to find the right deal for you.  Start saving now. -> Take advantage of these special offers!

Data security and authentication with Kanguru USB drive

These days login-mania requirement is to keep your data secure while maintaining your sanity. This time we’d like to present you authentication solution for Windows logon – Rohos Logon Key with Kanguru Defender, a hard combination to beat, regardless of what others may say. The Kanguru Defender is a highly secure hardware encryption device that […]

Ironkey security review (part 2).

We go on with tests with IronKey. And in this part we’d like to tell you more about the features and functionality of the drive.  The new S200 IronKey model is now compatible with Windows 7. The IronKey S200 1GB is high end and its price reflects that – 79$ USD. Our verdict for this […]

Review of Hardware Encryption vulnerability of Kingston and SanDisk USB flash drives

The Kingston Technology company, a leader in the production of safe USB drives, and one of the first ones that started producing USB flash drive with hardware encryption (Kingston DataTraveler Secure) announced that some of its models of USB flash drives with hardware protection feature are vulnerable. The announcement was posted on the company’s web […]

Lock/unlock your Mac with Rohos Logon Key. Video review by Alex.

One of Rohos Logon Key for Mac users, Alex, has volunteered to make a video about the program. Looks like it turned out to be a success for a young Mac user. :-) From his video you will learn that “Rohos Logon Key turns any USB into a key to unlock your computer.” So whenever […]

Winter Holidays Special Offer

Dear Rohos users, Rohos team thanks you for your interest towards Rohos products and wishes you the best in this upcoming year 2010!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful group of users. And before leaving for a short holiday we’d like to announce our New Year Special offer. You may learn more about it […]