Rohos Logon Key v.1.1 for Mac OS X

Tesline-Service Announces Rohos Logon Key v.1.1 for Mac OS X

Chisinau, July 11, 2008 – Tesline-Service SRL, is a small software company specializing in PC security solutions today announced that it’s Rohos Logon Key – authentication solution supports Mac OS® X Tiger and Mac OS® X Leopard.

The solution provides a hardware-based authentication, thus:

· Access your Mac with hardware USB key
· The Mac is protected but you don’t need to enter your password manually each time you unlock your Mac
· Automatically lock your MAC screen when USB Key is unplugged
· Unlocking your MAC with a USB token is fully automatic and fast!

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Rohos Logon Key release for Mac OS X

Today, 27 June, 2008, Tesline-Service has announced release of Rohos Logon Key v.1.0 for Mac OS X – Mac authentication solution based on USB flash drive. Rohos Logon Key turns any USB drive into security key for your Mac allowing to quickly lock and unlock Mac desktop.

Rohos Logon allows to use any USB flash drive with on-board serial number to be used as a Security Token. Rohos Logon Key doesn’t store any information on USB flash drive, thus allowing to use even non-Mac compatible USB devices.

Rohos Logon Key. New translations

Due to increased interest around the world in Rohos Logon Key – two-factor authentication solution, Tesline-Service has been prompted to extend the program’s translation list. We’d like to present you – Portuguese, Japanese and Polish translations. You are welcome to see them!

Rohos ログオンキーは, USBドライバをPCのセキュリティトークンに換えて、USBトークンによって安全に「Windows」を搭載したPCにアクセスできます。Rohosログオンキーは車の鍵のように機能します。Rohos ログオンキーは結果的には手動でパスワードを入力を要する、他にあふれている原始的なPCロックの機能と異なり、パスワード方式に代わる認証の正規解決法です。

Rohos Protuguese (Brazilian) O Rohos Logon Key transforma seu drive USB em um dispositivo de segurança para acessar seu computador. Com ele, você substitui o login com senha tradicional do Windows por um token que pode ser o seu Pen Drive, celular Bluetooth, cartão de memória, dispositivos USB Biométricos, entre outros. Web page Portuguese

Rohos Polish. Rohos Logon Key 2.5 obsluguje teraz systemy Windows Vista/2008.Nowa wersja Rohos Logon Key obsluguje systemy Windows Vista i Windows 2008 Serwer. Program otrzymal logo “Works Windows Vista”. Nowa wersja oferuje do uzytku nowe urzadzenia bezpieczenstwa dla ochrony komputera: USB tokeny takie jak Alladdin eToken, RuToken, uaToken, karty elektroniczne, biometryczne USB pen drive’y i telefony komorkowe z Bluetooth. Web page Polish

Rohos Disk. Virtual Keyboard and Autorun.

Rohos Disk Encryption new release from June 05 now allows more efficiently password protect your USB flash drive – with Virtual Keyboard. As the response to multiple users’ request we added Virtual Keyboard that enables the program’s user to safely enter a password without been traced by a key logger while working on a guest’s computer.
In the Rohos password access box there is a new button, clicking on which enables virtual keyboard.

And Autorun folder – all shortcuts in this folder will be automatically started when virtual Rohos drive is connected. Users can Save and Delete shortcuts there manually. If you don’t have this folder just create it.

These features are now available both in Rohos Disk Encryption and Rohos Mini Drive – wonderful tools to password protect and secure your mobile data.

APACER AH620 Fingerprint Flash Drive. Review

Not long ago we bought APACER AH620 with 4 Gb capacity and fingerprint scanner. Embedded program allows to use password protected USB flash drive for data protection.

The given USB flash drive is compatible with Rohos Logon Key program, which means that Biometric Authorization may also be used to access Windows (2000/XP/Vista). To learn more, please read here…

Device special features:

  • There are two Partitions on the disk: Secure Partition of the USB flash drive, and Open Partition
  • The Open Partition is always accessible (some biometric USB flash drives hide Open Partition with its files and folders while working with Secure One)
  • Partitions’ sizes can be changed with the help of built-in utility – “Resizing tool”. This utility is on the disk that goes as a unit
  • Secure Partition is accessible only after successful fingerprint authentication of the owner or his/her password. The device presents high USB flash drive security

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Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS X- first screenshot

Work is underway at full speed on Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard). We have tested when in use two ways of using USB key for access to MAC. We present the first screenshot and a bit of details…


– Mac OS X Unlock window by means of USB flash drive

Most likely the first version that we’ll release will be a simple Screen Lock and Unlock by means of USB flash drive. The peculiar properties we had encountered:

  • Mac OS X not always automatically installs USB flash drive. That’s why you should install it yourself
  • There is no module like GINA.dll in Mac OS X, that would help performing authorization in the system
  • In Mac’s login window is impossible to get access to other’s account and to place there an optional text

ruToken in Rohos Logon Key and Rohos Disk

rutoken.gifNow the popular token ruToken can be used in Rohos Logon Key and Rohos Disk programs as a single Key for Windows (including Vista x86/x64) authentication, and for data protection on Rohos Disk. To read more in ruToken Project News…

Rohos Logon Key for Windows 2003 Server x64

rw_boxshot_small.pngRohos Logon Key 2.5 new release (May 14, 2008) includes support for Windows Server 2003 x64 (IA64, AMD64). The update affects support for the logon model “Windows native authentication (msgina.dll)”.

Now Rohos Logon Key can be used for secure access to workstations Windows XP x64 within Active Directory network, and for access to remote desktop Windows 2003 x64.

Windows native authentication (msgina.dll)

This logon model is considered to be the best in the following cases:

  • Windows 2000/2003 Server (if you are to use USB key for remote desktop access)
  • Workstation Windows 2000/XP connected to Windows Active Directory (Windows Domain) or in Novell network.

In this case Rohos Logon doesn’t replace module GINA.dll, but integrates in it, thus the security policy remains unaltered. As the result, network workstation and Windows 2003 Server work stays stable and trustful as before Rohos Logon being installed. Rohos Logon program supports integration with msgina.dll, nwgina.dll and ctxgina.dll.

takeMS MEM-Drive Biometric Scanline. Review

takems-biometric-usb-flash-drive-box.jpgNew device, 1 Gb MEM-Drive Biometric Scanline takeMS flash drive, came in our laboratory. Carry it Easy Plus Bio built-in program allows to use Biometric Authorization for data protection on USB drive. The present USB flash drive is compatible with Rohos Logon Key.

Device special features:

  1. There are two partitions on the flash drive: Open and Secure
  2. The Open Partition is not always accessible. The given USB flash drive hides the Open Partition while the Secure one is used.
  3. Partitions’ size cannot be changed, it’s steady. (for 1Gb it’s 150 of Open and 900 Mb of Secure Partition)
  4. Secure Partition is accessible only after successful fingerprint authentication of the owner or his/her password
  5. There are various options offered in Secure Partition:
  • Internet Options (keeping Favorites, No Trace Browsing)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Portable Outlook & Outlook Express)
  • Outlook Express
  • File Synchronization (computer to USB drive)
  • Security Settings (up to 10 fingerprints, 1 password)
  • Lost & Found (chargeable)
  • Carry it Easy (the program is developed by Romanian company CoSoSys)


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Rohos Disk for Windows x64 (AMD64, IA64)

vista64.jpgTesline-Service announces that now Rohos Disk and Rohos mini are available both for 32-bytes (x86), and for 64-bytes (x64 – AMD64, IA64) versions.

Disk driver is updated for Windows XP and Vista, thus has been worked out the issue of Rohos Disk functionality in 64-bytes versions of these operational systems.

Note: Rohos Disk current version, v1.19, is not compatible with old drivers. The program should be updated everywhere you use Rohos Disk.