How to setup iPhone as a wireless key to your Mac

Rohos Logon Key for Mac allows to use any mobile phone as a key to your PC or Mac. This is possible thanks to bluetooth technology. Each mobile phone with a bluetooth module has it is own unique ID. Rohos Logon monitor all bluetooth devices that is discoverable near your Mac and authenticate user as soon as your iPhone is detected. Here we post a few screenshots on how to setup this feature.

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Rohos Logon Key video. How to use Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch to login into Mac OS X Leopard.

We are glad to present you the video that was made by senad-deepdark, one of Rohos Logon Key version for Mac OS X user. “I searched the net but I didn’t find this Trick 😉 Use you Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch to login into Mac Osx Leopard 😉 and Lock the system when you simple walk Away from you MAC 😉 This is perfect for Sys Admins and others who is dangerous to leave a logged system on 😉 ”

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Rohos Bluetooth Logon supports BlueSoleil

bluesoleilNew Rohos Logon Key release (April 2008) now supports BlueSoleil. BlueSoleil (former Widcomm) drivers are supplied for many Bluetooth adapters and devices around the world.

What’s new in Rohos Bluetooth Logon:

  1. Supports BlueSoleil stack
  2. Possibility to set up time lag. At the end of it Rohos Logon locks or turns off PC, if telephone has been out of the radius (far from PC) during all the time. This feature completely excludes Rohos Logon false action – when program locks Windows for a few seconds due to short-term telephone connection loss. 
    The time lag can be set up in the dialog box Rohos Options – from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

Notice: Now we are in the process of signing Agreement with Toshiba Company regarding use of Toshiba Bluetooth Device SDK. Thus Rohos Logon will support Bluetooth adapters built in Toshiba portable.

Updated BlueTooth Logon

Rohos Logon Key 2.5 has been released with some BlueTooth Logon updates.

Rohos Logon Key updates:

  • Properly works upon sleeping/hibernation exit
  • Properly works if there are more than two BlueTooth devices in the room
  • While setting up BlueTooth enabled mobile/pocket PC the program immediately detects all availabe BlueTooth devices in the radius
  • Enhanced function sensing “lost connection” with BlueTooth device. Reduced possibility of false lock.
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista
  • By the way, with BlueTooth enabled mobile it’s possible to unlock 2 and more computers in an office

How to set up Rohos Logon Key:

Now we work on support for BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack – an easy-to-use, interoperable and widely used BlueTooth software.

For those who are still interested in Desktop Locker only, we have discovered a new wireless PC lock – BlueGuardian.