Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS Sierra


Today we would like to announce Rohos Logon Key 3.3 for Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra.  By default after updating Mac OS X to Sierra it will disable Rohos Logon Key and you need to reinstall it and restart your Mac. After a month of support ticketing with Apple Inc. devs we has been figured out the update issue.

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Installing Rohos Logon in Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan)

Dear users, today we have updated Rohos Logon Key for Mac installation package to support Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.  By default after updating Mac OS X to El Capitan it will disable Rohos Logon Key and you need to reinstall it.

Rohos Logon Key allows to easily log on, unlock or authenticate KeyChain to Mac without the need to memorize password. You can protect access to your Mac, system preferences security and other authorization requests with a broad range of security tokens like USB flash drive, Smartphone or Yubikey. Find more>
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Quick Mac screen lock with Rohos Logon v 3.2

Rohos Logon Key v3.2 for Mac OS X 10.10  introduces new way to quickly lock your Mac when you step away.

New release available as free update for registered users
Or you can Try it for 15 days for free now >>>

All new Rohos Logon for Mac

We are glad to present Rohos Logon Key v.3 (for Mac OS X) with multiple authentication methods support. Now it is possible to setup USB drive or any smartphone as a key for your Mac and use all of them at any time.

Rohos Logon Key allows to use USB stick, any mobile phone or Yubikey to login and unlock Mac without using password.

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Logon Key v.2.4 for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Updated: December 2012

Dear users and customers, we would like to publish Rohos Logon Key 2.4 polished release for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and 10.7.4. At least Apple Inc. did fixed  SFAuthorizationPluginView API for loginwindow and we could enjoy now the seamless integration of 3rd party authentication solutions into Mac OS X login screen.

After a short tests we decided to publish this release despite a few issues found. ZIP file also contains Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS X 10.5 -6

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Rohos Logon Key v. 2.9 improvements for Windows 7

Dear users and customers, we are happy to announce a few improvements in Rohos Logon Key. New features affects “Allow login only by USB Key” feature specially when using Rohos Logon in corporate network or Windows Remote Desktop services.

What’s new:

1. When you use “Allow to login only by USB Key” feature, you may define a set of users that will be able still to login by a regular password (without USB Key). Please note: Read more

Rohos Logon Key v. 2.4 handle Lion OS X . A new level of security

We are really happy to announce a beta version of Rohos Logon Key for MAC OS X Lion. Despite Apple Inc, promised to fix the issue with Authentication plugin 4 months ago, and they didnt until now. We decided to release this beta now.

Known issues:

  • We was not able to support new Lion login screen with user icons
  • Rohos replaces login screen with a generic-style – “Please Enter User name and password” (see on the screenshot)
  • Restart/Sleep buttons doesnt work for a while on the login screen

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Rohos Logon Key for Mac v.2.4

Rohos Logon Key for Mac v.2.4 is out!

Rohos Logon Key for mac

Rohos Logon Key for Mac

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Rohos Logon Key v.2.1 for Mac OS X.

Relax and enjoy your day knowing you can step away from your Mac and have no concerns about it been secure and safe from prying eyes.  You can leave your Mac without worrying that you’ve forgotten to shut it down. With Rohos Logon Key for Mac – two-factor authentication solution, you can add robust protection and securely log into your Mac.

During the past week we were working on Rohos Logon Key for Mac improvements. And today we have published an updated release 2.1. It includes updated version of authorization plugin for Maс OX S Snow Leopard.

What’s new:

  • New UI. Now Rohos Logon uses a standard authorization dialog view.
  • Fixed bug with screen saver unlock dialog.
  • Fixed bug when Rohos Logon did not mount FileVault encrypted home folder.

Download and install over: v.2.1

Rohos Logon Key v.2.0 for Mac OS X

(Updated 16 Nov 2009)

Are you using Mac? You’d be glad to learn that we have just released new Rohos Logon Key v. 2.0 for Mac OS X to ensure safe and secure authentication. It works for both Leopard and Snow Leopard versions. We are here working hard to provide you with the very best services we can and we look forward to continuing to do so into the future.

With this completely new version Rohos Logon adds convenient authentication security for Mac OS X login and unlocking after a screen saver. But also works like a security Key for privileged operations made by the user during installing software, changing system preferences, etc. So you don’t need to enter your password manually in most cases.

What’s new:

  • Re-implemented login screen. Now Rohos Logon replaces Mac OS X logon screen.
  • “Screen Saver Password” dialog box is replaced by Rohos Logon.
  • Rohos Logon dialog box also replaces System Keychain authentication dialog box. This dialog box authenticates almost all privileged operations made by the user (installing software, changing system preferences, etc.).

Download Rohos Logon Key for Mac 2.0:

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Rohos Logon Key v.1.7.3 (for Mac). Good-Bye Tiger.

We are glad to announce new release of Rohos Logon Key for Mac v.1.7.3 – two-factor authentication solution based on USB tokens, for Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 and coming 10.6. This version offers better support for Snow Leopard and improvements for ‘Bluetooth logon’ feature.

ANN For “Tiger” (10.4) users: We decided to stop support for Mac OS X 10.4 on Rohos Logon Key 1.7.2. This setup package contains a special folder named “Tiger” with Rohos Logon Key 1.7.2.

ANN For “Snow Leopard” users: Please use setup package from folder “Snow Leopard (10.6 x64)”.

Download v.1.7.3

What’s new:

  • Fixed “Allow to log in only by USB key” feature. In some cases it was possible to log in using password.
  • For ‘Snow Leopard’ we fixed “Unlock screen saver by USB key” feature. Now it works OK.
  • Improved German translation thanks to Tobias Langer.
  • Improved “Bluetooth logon” feature:
    • Now it is possible to define PIN code for two-factor authentication by using Mobile device.
    • Improved Bluetooth discovery. Now Rohos Logon should not lock the screen
      unexpectedly after login by detected Bluetooth device.

Lock Mac OS Snow Leopard with USB Key

Apple is expected to release Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard two months after WWDC ’09. Today we have updated install package of Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS X. Now for those who already migrated to Snow it’s possible to lock Mac with a USB Key security. Rohos Logon Key allows converting any USB flash drive into a security Key to access your Mac without entering password each time.

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Rohos Logon Key v.1.7.2 for Mac OS X

Tesline-Service Announces Rohos Logon Key v.1.7.2 for Mac

Chisinau, May 05, 2009 – Tesline-Service SRL today announced that its Rohos Logon Key authentication solution for Mac OS® X Tiger and Mac OS® X Leopard now supports two-factor authentication with any USB flash drive and PIN code.

Mac OS X security benefits:

  • Access your Mac with hardware USB key
  • The Mac is protected but you don’t need to enter your password manually each time you unlock your Mac
  • Automatically lock your MAC screen when USB Key is unplugged
  • Unlocking your MAC with a USB token is fully automatic and fast!
  • PIN code option offers two-factor authentication

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Rohos Logon Key for Mac 1.7: Touchatag logon

(updated on 20 April, 09)

We would like to publish Rohos Logon Key for Mac v.1.7. beta.

What’s new:

  1. Supports Yubikey OTP validation on the Yubico’s server.
  2. Added new USB Key type: Touchatag RFID reader + tags.
  3. Fixed security bug with YubiKey static authentication, in some cases it was possible to unlock Mac by entering YubiKey ID. The bug affects only screen saver unlock window.
  4. Fixed PIN code dialog, now it can be closed by the user in case of PIN/YubiKey authentication failure.
  5. Improved PIN code function, now after 3 wrong attempts to enter PIN the USB Key will be blocked. It means it will not be possible to use it as a logon key. To unblock the USB key, open Rohos application and change PIN code (only the blocked USB Key should be connected).
  6. Improved compatibility with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.*)

Download v.1.7 beta.

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Rohos Logon Key v.1.6 (Mac)

We announce Rohos Logon Key v.1.6 (Mac) beta with a few improvements:

  • Fixed bug when password contains space ” “and comma “,”
  • Fixed bug with Bluetooth logon when Rohos Logon locks desktop right after USB key setup
  • Improved OFF function – when there are no USB key inserted all USB Keys will be removed from Rohos Logon
  • Added global Autostart item for Rohos Logon. Now after installation Rohos Logon icon will be active in all user accounts

Rohos Logon Key 1.5.2 for Mac

Here are new Rohos Logon Key v1.5.2 for Mac OS X.

It includes new features in Preferences pane:

  • Allow to log in only with USB Key. If this option is ON then regular password based logon dialog box will be disabled and covered with a half-transparent Rohos Icon. To log in you need to have USB Key. No emergency logon is enabled here except safe mode boot.
  • Password protect application, if it is ON then you need to pass system authentication window (to get Admin rights) to modify settings or access Rohos main window.

Some things were improved:

– installation script and now it installing all Rohos items (logon bundle, autostart item)
– Add USB Key function now would not ask for a password so many times
– Case-sensitive file system support, thanks to users reports.

Also, now it is possible to set up USB Keys on any other Server Mac, but you will need to manually copy Rohos *.k files into /Applications/.rohos folder on client Mac. We are still working under server-based usage of Rohos.

New Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS X

We are glad to announce new Rohos logon Key v.1.5 for Mac OS X. This version has alike Emergency Logon feature that allows to access your Mac in case USB key is lost (of cource if you know your Mac password ). This will help also if something doesn’t work in Rohos Logon.