Security device review, USB secure tokens, USB authentication key, biometric devices.

The exceptionally small Rutoken Micro authentication device

Simply put, if you own a notebook and are concerned about the security of your information, then you should take a look at the micro version of this IT security key. Here you’ll learn about the Rutoken ECP Micro from Russia and the major advantages of its miniature design.

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iKey 2032 Security token in Rohos Logon Key

iKey 1000/1032 security token is designed for fast and easy integration with various authorization systems. The compact low-cost token supports PKCS#11 and has a built-in encryption process. It is used for user identification and two-factor authentication.

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Windows login with secure RFID token Wireless PC Lock

“Wireless PC Lock” devices are now available in Rohos Logon Key. Wireless PC Lock (read more…): model KW-101, model KW-102 with Timer by SPIRIT-ON Enterprise Co. Ltd, Wireless PC Lock V 900 by VSON TECH Ltd have been integrated in Rohos Logon Key v. 2.9

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Data security and authentication with Kanguru USB drive

These days login-mania requirement is to keep your data secure while maintaining your sanity. This time we’d like to present you authentication solution for Windows logon – Rohos Logon Key with Kanguru Defender, a hard combination to beat, regardless of what others may say.

The Kanguru Defender is a highly secure hardware encryption device that might meet or even exceed your security pretensions. Comparing it to previously reviewed IronKey we should emphasize that it’s easy to use and quite affordable – $49 USD.

Kanguru takes two-step approach to securing sensitive data:

  1. At the device level Kanguru starts with military grade hardware based AES encryption.
  2. Adds the ability to remotely manage your Kanguru Defender from a central location. The Kanguru Defender does not come with KRMC enabled by default. (for more information about KRMC, visit:

Main features:

  • Password protected and encrypted data partition for your secure files
  • Does NOT require Admin privileges on any PC to open secure partition.
  • Write protect switch (actually this may safe you from viruses on guest PC)
  • Has only 1 secret drive. There is no Open and Secret partition options.
  • Password reset allow to turn USB drive configuration into factory defaults and create new password once again.

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Yubikey 2.0 Setup Dynamic configuration for Rohos Logon with static AES key

Some time ago we got  YubiKey 2.0. and YubiKey 2.0 RFID devices from Yubico. Both of them are 2.01.1 firmware versions. The newer key (on the picture is above) a bit thicker, has a special circular press area and the body is more steady.

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Ironkey security review (part 2).

We go on with tests with IronKey. And in this part we’d like to tell you more about the features and functionality of the drive.  The new S200 IronKey model is now compatible with Windows 7. The IronKey S200 1GB is high end and its price reflects that – 79$ USD. Our verdict for this part: screwed-on device and features that makes USB flash drive the most secure and user life a bit complicated.

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BioSlimDisk biometric security token, Review, Comparison.

Dear friends, recently we have covered “BioSlimDisk Signature” compatibility with some Rohos products. Now it’s time to review device security capabilities, compare it with other Biometric USB flash drives with fingerprint scanners and give you some hi-res photos of the device.

In brief, BioSlimDisk is a USB flash drive with hardware level encryption (AES 256 bit key length) and hardware level Biometric authentication.

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MiFare 1K / 4K RFID smart-card support in Rohos Logon

Updated Aug 2016.

Tesline-service announce that now Rohos Logon Key support wireless smartcard MiFare 1K/4K. This contactless smartcard technology (RFID) with over 1 billion smart card chips and 10 million reader modules sold. And now this RFID technology can be used with Rohos products for secure login into Windows, Mac or encrypted Rohos Disk.

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Swekey OTP token

(Updated: 10 Jan, 2010)

We would like to present you a new OTP token, which recently has come to us from France, it is Swekey. Production Company Musbe, Inc (France), promotes it as an easy to use and inexpensive OTP token (One Time Password) to access web resources. Swekey business model  – a premium subscription service for the Swekey OTP authentication through the Web site of Musbe.

Support for this token was added to Rohos Logon Key 2.7 (beta). Rohos supports both offline and online use case for this token (validate just Swekey ID or OTP validation on he Musbe web site).

Mac users already can use Swekey in Rohos Logon Key as a ‘usb flash drive’ device because Swekey contains onboard serial number.

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APACER AH620 Fingerprint Flash Drive. Review

Not long ago we bought APACER AH620 with 4 Gb capacity and fingerprint scanner. Embedded program allows to use password protected USB flash drive for data protection.

The given USB flash drive is compatible with Rohos Logon Key program, which means that Biometric Authorization may also be used to access Windows (2000/XP/Vista). To learn more, please read here…

Device special features:

  • There are two Partitions on the disk: Secure Partition of the USB flash drive, and Open Partition
  • The Open Partition is always accessible (some biometric USB flash drives hide Open Partition with its files and folders while working with Secure One)
  • Partitions’ sizes can be changed with the help of built-in utility – “Resizing tool”. This utility is on the disk that goes as a unit
  • Secure Partition is accessible only after successful fingerprint authentication of the owner or his/her password. The device presents high USB flash drive security

Transcend JetFlash 220 Fingerprint Security. Review.

Recently we were asked by some of our users if it is possible to use a biometric (fingerprint) USB stick in combination with the Rohos Logon Software (for example if it is possible to logon using Rohos after a partition is made visible by a recognized fingerprint).

As a matter of fact, we have decided to test several Biometric USB flash drives, to discover which of them are compatible with the Rohos Logon Key.

We would like to present you the Transcend JetFlash 220 USB flash drive 2 Gb (fully compatible with the Rohos Logon) with the embedded fingerprint scanner for biometric access to the secured partition of the USB drive and included software.

Special features of the device:

  • An advanced technology of fingerprints identification, allowing to register up to 10 fingerprints (even from different people);
  • Biometric or password based security for the secured partition, web site logon, and encrypted files;
  • Software based, Data Encryption with AES algorithm based on the 256-bite key.
  • Automatic authorization performed on the web-sites where you have already been registered.
  • There is a program that allows to change the size of the secure partition of the flash drive.
  • The device fully supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista, which was proved by recent tests.
  • You are not able to access the secure partiton without obtaining the Administrator privileges.
  • While the secure partition of the flash drive is open, you are not able to use the un-secure partition of the device and vice-versa.

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Lexar JumpDrive 2GB. Part. 2. Lexar Secure II. (Data Security, USB and Flash)

We go on with the review of the Lexar JumpDrive flash drive with embedded disk encryption software Secure II. It is the component of the USB flash drive and is pre-installed in the Ceedo main menu.

So, The Main Menu Lexar Secure II:


After starting Secure II, we see its main window with three main functions: Encrypted Vault , File Encryption and Shredder.

Encrypted Vault offers a disk encryption based on the file-container and transparent on-the-fly encryption.

The creation of the virtual disk is fulfilled in 3 steps. At the last stage the Program enforces the user to enter the password of at least 8 symbols (!!). The password should be entered each time when you want to mount encrypted disk.

The program allows to create several disks:


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Lexar JumpDrive 2GB. Part 1. Ceedo


Recently we occasionally encountered the USB flash drive Lexar JumpDrive 2GB with embedded USB drive encryption software. The set of the USB device includes the mobile platform PowerToGo (aka Ceedo), and it in its turn has the mobile application Lexar Secure II – that represents a great interest for us. By the way there is an indicator of the free space on the frame of the USB flash drive (see the Figure above) – that is a very useful thing :).

Lexar Secure II allows to create encrypted containers on the USB flash drive (like Rohos Disk). We would like to clear out how the program Secure II (and the platform PowerToGo in whole) works when the computer has no Administrator privileges, and in general the quality and convenience of this program.

1. So, First Starting Up…


During the first start the application PowerToGo i.e. Ceedo starts. Ceedo is an analogue of the U3 platform for mobile applications from the USB drives. We are briefly familiar with U3 at our blog. To my mind Ceedo is a more sophisticated platform. At Ceedo start-up the pro-active protection of my Norton antivirus rejected almost each operation – that confirms that the platform is very “obsessive” and leaves many tracks on PC.

While starting, Ceedo checks its updates and downloads them without prior asking. This cheers up as Ceedo identified my German Windows and also switched to the German language. It also automatically “mobilized” my MS Word, Excel and MS Outlook Express. Next time I will write a  more detailed information about “Mobilization” of the regular applications with the help of Ceedo Aplication Virtualization.

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