Rohos Disk for Android

Rohos Disk and Rohos Mini 2.3

July 1, 2016 saw the release of new versions of Rohos Disk Encryption and its free counterpart Rohos Mini. These applications received a facelift and improved internal design.

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Backup copies made faster in Rohos Disk Encryption 2.2

Rohos Disk ensures that your data is protected from third parties by locking the disk in your absence. The size of the disk can be increased as needed. You can create several disks on a PC, USB flash drive, or a DVD at the same time.

We’ve introduced a new version of Rohos Disk — Rohos Disk Encryption 2.2. A distinctive new feature that it brings is the remarkable Backup Disk functionality. Now making a backup copy of the contents of an encrypted disk is much faster and easier. Read more

Protecting your computer and data with ruToken

Authenticating for Windows and accessing a secret disk with a ruToken key.

User authentication and identification on Windows with USB keys.In short: now the popular ruToken identification device can be used in Rohos Logon Key and Rohos Disk as the one key needed to log in to Windows and your protected data. Rohos Logon Key works fully on Windows Vista/7 and also supports authorization for remote desktops using a ruToken. User authentication and identification with USB keys.

The ruToken device has been developed by the Russian company Aktiv, which produces a family of identification devices for user device-based authorization when accessing IT resources and protected electronic data. Read more

Setting up shared access to an encrypted disk

Rohos Disk Encryption allows you to set up shared access to an encrypted disk for different uses:

  1. Shared access for all users on a single computer. For example, on Windows Terminal Services,
    In this case, users do not need to know the password for the disk, and they do not need to launch Rohos Disk. They do not know where the disk’s file container is located, and they cannot delete it. Entering the password for accessing the disk is the responsibility of the Administrator or Rohos disk owner.
  2. Access for select users working with a single Windows computer.
    In this case, each user will know the password for the disk. Each user will enter the password for accessing the disk independently of the others whenever necessary.
  3. Shared access using a shared folder on the network.
    In this case, the Rohos disk drive letter open for shared access on the local network will be a file server. Entering the password for activating the Rohos disk will be done once each day by the Administrator or Rohos disk owner. The Administrator or owner will also assign network access rights to users and will be responsible for making backups and shutting down access to the disk.

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Shared Rohos Disk on Terminal Server, network or standalone PC.

Rohos Disk Encryption allows you to set up shared access to an encrypted disk for various purposes:

  1.  Common access to all users of a single computer. This is default behavior of Rohos Disk letter access mode. All users on a computer or terminal server is able to access and work with encrypted drive letter. Users do not need to know the disk password, and they do not need to run the Rohos Disk program. Nobody knows where the disk file container and cannot delete it. The password for accessing the disk is entered by the Administrator or the owner of the Rohos disk.
  2. Access rules on a Windows Terminal Server. In this case only selected users knows the password for the disk. Each user enters the password for accessing the disk independently whenever necessary. Secured Disk is accessed by using plain password or a hardware based key.
  3. Shared access through a shared network folder. The Rohos disk drive letter will be open for common access on the local network from the computer which acts as the file server. Entering the password to enable the Rohos disk is done by the Administrator or owner of the Rohos disk once per day. He or she will also grant users privileges for network access and is also responsible for making backups and shutting down access to the disk.

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ICQ/Skype encryption in Rohos Disk v.2.0

We are glad to announce the release of Rohos Disk 2.0.

Tesline-Service company is always trying to keep up with the trends of IT world, and now it is ready to offer you Rohos software already compatible with Windows 8. The new features have been added to simplify the encryption process without compromising data security. This new encryption feature for folders and applications will make it possible for any PC user to protect their data.
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Safe encryption with Rohos Disk Encryption 1.9

Rohos Disk Encryption 1.9 Release
March 14, 2012.

We announce a release of the advanced version – Rohos Disk Encryption v.1.9  with the final updates and new function. The Rohos Disk Encryption program allows you to store the information encrypted on any USB flash drive, hard drive or CD/DVD. We use one of the most secure data encryption algorithms – AES 256 bit. «Encryption on-the-fly» is an instant process hiding your personal information and confidential data any time you work with them.

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Rohos Logon Key v. 2.9 improvements for Windows 7

Dear users and customers, we are happy to announce a few improvements in Rohos Logon Key. New features affects “Allow login only by USB Key” feature specially when using Rohos Logon in corporate network or Windows Remote Desktop services.

What’s new:

1. When you use “Allow to login only by USB Key” feature, you may define a set of users that will be able still to login by a regular password (without USB Key). Please note: Read more

Rohos Mini and Rohos Disk v.1.8. Keep folders hidden!

(updated February 10, 2011)

You share your computer with somebody but would rather keep your data private??? It’s not always possible. Using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Skype??? Well, for an experienced user it’s a piece of cake to find and look through your Skype chat’s logs without being signed into your account. And now you can keep all those gawkers away from your computer data with Rohos encryption programs.

Rohos Developers have been asked to implement Hide folder feature which in future will eventually step-by-step lead to the long-awaited feature – complete Account Encryption (all applications and data are encrypted) but about this you’ll learn more later.

Hide folder option in Rohos Mini Drive and Rohos Disk Encryption brings affordable and AES 256 strength encryption solution to your security issues by preventing unauthorized access to your private data in PC folders by local or network users. Your protected items can be quickly and easily rendered inaccessible to other users but are instantly accessible when you turn on your Rohos disk.

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Encrypted files are one click away with Rohos Disk v.1.7

Your USB flash drive data protection and its portability demands are increasing, yet with today’s offers we have in software community there are small chances you might find a worthwhile application.

So what do you use to password protect your USB drive and have secure access to your encrypted partition on Public PCs without having administrative rights?

Long time anticipated by fans of portable encryption solutions possibility to create an encrypted area on a USB disk/key that a user can open/mount, double click and open the files, and close as required, without Admin rights is now implemented in Rohos Data Security solutions Rohos Disk Encryption and Rohos Mini Drive. You do not need Administrative privileges, and yet you can double click and open say a Word doc, and then save it to the same place without leaving any traces of working with it.

You may say – “There are solutions that have a portable disk Explorer utility that allows working with an encrypted disk without Admin rights”. Yes, but very few disk encryption solutions provide decent disk Explorer performance. Meaning that in many of them you can only extract a file outside the disk Explorer and then open it.  After some changes to the file have been done, if any, you should Import file back to the Disk Explorer. In this case “on-the-fly” encryption principle doesn’t work.  The obvious disadvantages of such approach – ‘unencrypted files’ may be left behind on a guest PC or unsecured part of the USB flash drive, and you can’t work with big files.

Try Rohos Disk Encryption (shareware) or Rohos Mini Drive (freeware) and discover:

  • File Virtualization. Open files via Rohos Disk Browser in associated application without first decrypting them into temporary folder. Rohos virtualizes file presence for the application, thus it works with encrypted file by using “on-the-fly” encryption principle.

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Rohos Disk v.1.6. Rohos Disk Browser supports NTFS in “read-write” mode.

Exciting news!

Rohos Disk Encryption brings new and exciting opportunities for its users  to work with encrypted partition created on USB flash drive in NTFS format. Now NTFS partitions opened on a PC with no Admin rights via Rohos Disk Browser work in “read-write” mode.

Rohos Disk Encryption is one of the leading solutions for data security has enhanced opportunity to use your secured disk in the most effective way. Having large encrypted partitions, e.g. 100 GB, you easily work (read and edit) with your data on any PC.

Download v.1.6

What’s new:

Rohos Disk Encryptionchoose the right solution for your precious data security.

Rohos Disk v.1.5 – new Rohos Disk Browser

(updated on July, 24)

We are glad to announce new Rohos Disk and Rohos Mini v.1.5  with updated Rohos Disk Browser application. Rohos Disk Browser enables you to open and view the contents of secret partitions on a USB drive on any other computer, even if you do not have administrative rights.

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Rohos Disk v.1.4

We are glad to announce Rohos Disk Encryption v.1.4

What’s new:

  • More tools for additional disks: Browse, Create disk shortcut.
  • New “Options” allows to choose/change UI language and enable/disable log files
  • Now by default Rohos doesn’t write log files for troubleshooting purposes
  • Improvements in “Connect Disk” dialog
  • Minor fixes and UI improvements in main window
  • Fixed Autorun feature. Now Rohos correctly runs shortcuts with command line options.

Screen shots:

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Rohos Disk Encryption v.1.3

We are glad to announce Rohos Disk Encryption v.1.3 release. Now Rohos Disk Encryption is independent from some Rohos Logon Key settings, e.g. USB key choise, and also the program has data backup reminder if the password protected part is located on a USB flash drive.

What’s new:

  1. USB key settings are independent from Rohos Logon Key. Upon choosing new USÐ’ key it immediately comes into effect.
  2. There is new module in the program – “Rohos Disk service”, it’s in charge of disk’s autonomous operation (e.g., upon PC shutdown Rohos disk will be disconnected only after all other programs have  stopped using the encrypted disk).
  3. Convenient display of several connected Rohos disks in the program’s Main Window. Now additional disks could be easily checked for errors, it’s easy to create a backup copy of encryption keys and even to restore them.

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How to backup data on the USB drive secured partition

Rohos Disk Encryption software allows users to have  new secure storage on a computer or USB flash drives. In this post we would like to underline the importance of data back-up especially if you are using Rohos disk on USB flash drives. Due to nature of USB flash drives (portable and special memory design) its memory is subject to external influence and the data integrity is not so strong.

Most people realize the importance of data back-up after the disaster has happened:

  • they lost USB stick with secured partition on it
  • after a couple of month of using secure partition on the USB flash drive it has numerous of File System errors due to missed Disk Check procedures
  • after an occasional (but still possible) USB memory data sector failure a part or entire secure Rohos partition is damaged

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How to safely re-format USB Flash Drive into NTFS

Rohos Disk Encryption software creates hidden and protected partition on the USB flash drive. With the help of the program you may password-protect a part of your USB flash drive and open it on any computer by simply entering your password.

Since most USB Flash drives, even the larger ones, are normally formatted with the FAT32 file system – there are limitation on the maximum size of the encrypted partition of 2 or 4 GB (max file size limitation).

In order to create a secured partition that is bigger than 2 Gb you need to change your USb stick into NTFS format.

Before changing the file system on a USB drive care should be taken to backup any critical data on it just in case the process does not work.

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Rohos Disk Encryption for Mac OS X

Rohos disk under mac os xRecently we have come across wonderful application Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac OS X. It allows to use Windows applications under Mac seamlessly.  We tested Rohos Disk and Rohos Mini Drive under Parallels (+winxp) and figured out that we don’t need to port Rohos Disk under Mac OS X :).

It works greatly under Parallels virtual PC!

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Command line for Rohos Disk

Rohos Disk Encryption has a few command line options, so that the encrypted disk can be connected and disconnected by using shortcuts or a BAT file.

agent.exe "c:\My Documents\rdisk.rdi" /letter:Z: /log


agent.exe \_rohos\rdisk.rdi

Request a password to connect Rohos disk rdisk.rdi.

/letter:Z: – the drive letter it will be connected (optional)
/log – allows creating a log file (agent.log) when performing the operation. Only when the disk is mounted from a USB drive.
/password – allows specifying a password for Rohos disk

Second option would unmount the disk, which is located on the USB drive.

agent.exe /unmount:Z: 

Disconnect Rohos disk Z:

agent.exe /unmount:ALL
Rohos will disconnect all of  the Rohos drives.

Rohos Disk shortcuts

Rohos Disk Encryption allows creating a disk shortcuts on the desktop or any other place. When you double click this shortcut you will be prompted to enter a password to connect this Rohos disk.

On the screen shot you can see how to make disk shortcut for any Rohos disk using “Tools” menu:

After you created disk shortcut, you may find it on the desktop and edit properties to specify the drive letter it will be connected with:

Automatic disk off upon user idle time

A user also can automate Rohos Disk security, in other words automatically disconnect it after 30 minutes of user’s inactivity.

Here is a BAT file for this:

schtasks.exe /create /tn Turn_Off_Rohos_Disk_On_Idle /tr “\”c:\program files\rohos\agent.exe\” /unmount:R:” /sc ONIDLE /i 15 /ru “System”

where :
“/tn Turn_Off_Rohos_Disk_On_Idle” task name
“/unmount:R:” – disk letter to disconnect
“/i 15” – inactivity timeout in minutes.
“/ru “System”” – user name that will be used to execute the command.

Rohos Disk. Virtual Keyboard and Autorun.

Rohos Disk Encryption new release from June 05 now allows more efficiently password protect your USB flash drive – with Virtual Keyboard. As the response to multiple users’ request we added Virtual Keyboard that enables the program’s user to safely enter a password without been traced by a key logger while working on a guest’s computer.
In the Rohos password access box there is a new button, clicking on which enables virtual keyboard.

And Autorun folder – all shortcuts in this folder will be automatically started when virtual Rohos drive is connected. Users can Save and Delete shortcuts there manually. If you don’t have this folder just create it.

These features are now available both in Rohos Disk Encryption and Rohos Mini Drive – wonderful tools to password protect and secure your mobile data.