Command line for Rohos Disk

Rohos Disk Encryption has a few command line options, so that the encrypted disk can be connected and disconnected by using shortcuts or a BAT file.

agent.exe "c:\My Documents\rdisk.rdi" /letter:Z: /log


agent.exe \_rohos\rdisk.rdi

Request a password to connect Rohos disk rdisk.rdi.

/letter:Z: – the drive letter it will be connected (optional)
/log – allows creating a log file (agent.log) when performing the operation. Only when the disk is mounted from a USB drive.
/password – allows specifying a password for Rohos disk

Second option would unmount the disk, which is located on the USB drive.

agent.exe /unmount:Z: 

Disconnect Rohos disk Z:

agent.exe /unmount:ALL
Rohos will disconnect all of  the Rohos drives.

Rohos Disk shortcuts

Rohos Disk Encryption allows creating a disk shortcuts on the desktop or any other place. When you double click this shortcut you will be prompted to enter a password to connect this Rohos disk.

On the screen shot you can see how to make disk shortcut for any Rohos disk using “Tools” menu:

After you created disk shortcut, you may find it on the desktop and edit properties to specify the drive letter it will be connected with:

Automatic disk off upon user idle time

A user also can automate Rohos Disk security, in other words automatically disconnect it after 30 minutes of user’s inactivity.

Here is a BAT file for this:

schtasks.exe /create /tn Turn_Off_Rohos_Disk_On_Idle /tr “\”c:\program files\rohos\agent.exe\” /unmount:R:” /sc ONIDLE /i 15 /ru “System”

where :
“/tn Turn_Off_Rohos_Disk_On_Idle” task name
“/unmount:R:” – disk letter to disconnect
“/i 15” – inactivity timeout in minutes.
“/ru “System”” – user name that will be used to execute the command.

Login into Web based Remote Desktop with USB key

Rohos Logon Key for remote desktop Rohos Logon Key is the only software that allows to use USB flash drive as a 2-factor security key to access Windows Remote Desktop. It also supports Web Based remote desktop access with USB Key.
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How to Repair Rohos Disk

The guide – How To Repair Rohos Disk – is a part of Rohos Disk Help files.  The Rohos guide will help you to: Create Password Reset File, Recover encrypted disk if you lost your password, Restore encrypted partition on a USB flash drive is case of data corruption, Check rohos disk for errors, recover files from corrupted Rohos disk.

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Windows logon with YubiKey

YubiKey logon windows.
Recently we have come across YubiKey – authentication device and now we announce Rohos Logon Key for YubiKey.

Download Rohos Logon
(1.2 Mb, Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/2008)

How to try Rohos Logon with YubiKey:

  1. Install Rohos.
  2. Open Rohos Logon > Options > Choose USb Key device type :
    “YubiKey”. OK.
  3. Configure USB Key > the program should detect connected YubiKey.
    Enter your win pass > OK > touch YubiKey in the next dialog box.

Now you can Win+L to try Windows logon with YubiKey. Or restart

Notice about Yubikey support:

  1. Rohos Logon detects YubiKey as USB keyboard device by its VID/PID.
  2. During setup Rohos Logon bounds to your YubiKey IDs.
  3. In current release Rohos doesn’t check generated OTP on the server, or OTP validity. It only checks the key’s ID.
  4. During accepting a string from YubiKey Rohos allows only 4 sec to enter it, or it will deny it thinking that user enters it manually (Copy/Paste disabled also).

Notice about Rohos Logon:

  1. Rohos Logon can work in any Windows version (but not 95’s).
  2. Rohos autodetects the type of Windows login and integrates into it.
    But you can manually change it (Windows XP welcome screen, typical win 2000 style login, rohos’s Gina).
  3. You should use password protected user account

Bugs or problems? :
* Please open c:\program files\rohos\ and send us all *.log files
including yubico_mod_****.log to

Download Rohos Logon

Rohos Disk. Virtual Keyboard and Autorun.

Rohos Disk Encryption new release from June 05 now allows more efficiently password protect your USB flash drive – with Virtual Keyboard. As the response to multiple users’ request we added Virtual Keyboard that enables the program’s user to safely enter a password without been traced by a key logger while working on a guest’s computer.
In the Rohos password access box there is a new button, clicking on which enables virtual keyboard.

And Autorun folder – all shortcuts in this folder will be automatically started when virtual Rohos drive is connected. Users can Save and Delete shortcuts there manually. If you don’t have this folder just create it.

These features are now available both in Rohos Disk Encryption and Rohos Mini Drive – wonderful tools to password protect and secure your mobile data.

APACER AH620 Fingerprint Flash Drive. Review

Not long ago we bought APACER AH620 with 4 Gb capacity and fingerprint scanner. Embedded program allows to use password protected USB flash drive for data protection.

The given USB flash drive is compatible with Rohos Logon Key program, which means that Biometric Authorization may also be used to access Windows (2000/XP/Vista). To learn more, please read here…

Device special features:

  • There are two Partitions on the disk: Secure Partition of the USB flash drive, and Open Partition
  • The Open Partition is always accessible (some biometric USB flash drives hide Open Partition with its files and folders while working with Secure One)
  • Partitions’ sizes can be changed with the help of built-in utility – “Resizing tool”. This utility is on the disk that goes as a unit
  • Secure Partition is accessible only after successful fingerprint authentication of the owner or his/her password. The device presents high USB flash drive security

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takeMS MEM-Drive Biometric Scanline. Review

takems-biometric-usb-flash-drive-box.jpgNew device, 1 Gb MEM-Drive Biometric Scanline takeMS flash drive, came in our laboratory. Carry it Easy Plus Bio built-in program allows to use Biometric Authorization for data protection on USB drive. The present USB flash drive is compatible with Rohos Logon Key.

Device special features:

  1. There are two partitions on the flash drive: Open and Secure
  2. The Open Partition is not always accessible. The given USB flash drive hides the Open Partition while the Secure one is used.
  3. Partitions’ size cannot be changed, it’s steady. (for 1Gb it’s 150 of Open and 900 Mb of Secure Partition)
  4. Secure Partition is accessible only after successful fingerprint authentication of the owner or his/her password
  5. There are various options offered in Secure Partition:
  • Internet Options (keeping Favorites, No Trace Browsing)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Portable Outlook & Outlook Express)
  • Outlook Express
  • File Synchronization (computer to USB drive)
  • Security Settings (up to 10 fingerprints, 1 password)
  • Lost & Found (chargeable)
  • Carry it Easy (the program is developed by Romanian company CoSoSys)


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Does not require Admin rights to open encrypted disk.

Encrypted Rohos Disk BrowserThe new version of Rohos Disk (1.18) includes new utility, Rohos Disk Browser. This enables you to open and view the contents of secret partitions on a USB drive on any other computer, even if you do not have administrative rights.

Rohos Disk can password-protect a portion of a USB flash drive, by creating a virtual encrypted partition. The partition is protected by a password, and can be opened on any computer. Now, even if you are in an internet cafe and have no administrative rights, you can still have read access to your secret partition with the help of the Rohos Disk Browser utility. This means that you can open any file and read any data. Naturally when you are at your home or office computer, you will still be able to work with your encrypted partition as usual.

On a strange computer you can always open your protected partition on the USB flash drive (in read-only mode) with the help of the Rohos Disk Browser utility. This makes it possible to open or copy only one particular file or directory, without granting access to every file.

This feature is enabled in a Rohos Mini Drive program – FREE and tiny USB drive encryption tool.

Read Rohos Disk Browser description...

Find toghether the problem-solving. What if I cannot log on using the USB key?

Our technical support department often receives messages from users requesting help. The users are unable to log into the system because the USB key is lost or corrupted, and the user has forgotten the PIN code or entered it incorrectly three times, or the system is set up to “allow logon only via USB key”.

To learn more: What if I cannot logon using the USB key?