Rohos Disk for YubiKey

Especially for YubiKey users Tesline-Service would like to announce Rohos Disk v.1.30 beta release. Now you may securely access your encrypted partition just by one touch. Nice and easy!

Download Rohos Disk v.1.30 (beta)

YubiKey benefits in Rohos Disk:

  • No need to re-program YubiKey in static mode; both YubiKey configurations are supported
  • Rohos Disk allows to authenticate YubiKey OTP against any server (Yubico server settings included)
  • Also there is an option to enter YubiKey’s AES key so Rohos Disk could decrypt and verify it locally

If you re-programed YubiKey in a static password mode, you can also use it in Rohos Disk.

You may see the video on “How to Access Rohos Disk with YubiKey

Here are some screen shots:

How to backup data on the USB drive secured partition

Rohos Disk Encryption software allows users to have  new secure storage on a computer or USB flash drives. In this post we would like to underline the importance of data back-up especially if you are using Rohos disk on USB flash drives. Due to nature of USB flash drives (portable and special memory design) its memory is subject to external influence and the data integrity is not so strong.

Most people realize the importance of data back-up after the disaster has happened:

  • they lost USB stick with secured partition on it
  • after a couple of month of using secure partition on the USB flash drive it has numerous of File System errors due to missed Disk Check procedures
  • after an occasional (but still possible) USB memory data sector failure a part or entire secure Rohos partition is damaged

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How to safely re-format USB Flash Drive into NTFS

Rohos Disk Encryption software creates hidden and protected partition on the USB flash drive. With the help of the program you may password-protect a part of your USB flash drive and open it on any computer by simply entering your password.

Since most USB Flash drives, even the larger ones, are normally formatted with the FAT32 file system – there are limitation on the maximum size of the encrypted partition of 2 or 4 GB (max file size limitation).

In order to create a secured partition that is bigger than 2 Gb you need to change your USb stick into NTFS format.

Before changing the file system on a USB drive care should be taken to backup any critical data on it just in case the process does not work.

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Rohos Logon Key with YubiKey for Mac. Video.

Rohos Logon Key becomes more and more popular among users that are concerned about Mac security. We are glad to present you another video made by one of users. This time the video shows the way Rohos Logon Key works with YubiKey for Mac lock/unlock. To learn how to set up Rohos Logon for YubiKey please, read here

Windows logon with YubiKey

YubiKey logon windows.
Recently we have come across YubiKey – authentication device and now we announce Rohos Logon Key for YubiKey.

Download Rohos Logon
(1.2 Mb, Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/2008)

How to try Rohos Logon with YubiKey:

  1. Install Rohos.
  2. Open Rohos Logon > Options > Choose USb Key device type :
    “YubiKey”. OK.
  3. Configure USB Key > the program should detect connected YubiKey.
    Enter your win pass > OK > touch YubiKey in the next dialog box.

Now you can Win+L to try Windows logon with YubiKey. Or restart

Notice about Yubikey support:

  1. Rohos Logon detects YubiKey as USB keyboard device by its VID/PID.
  2. During setup Rohos Logon bounds to your YubiKey IDs.
  3. In current release Rohos doesn’t check generated OTP on the server, or OTP validity. It only checks the key’s ID.
  4. During accepting a string from YubiKey Rohos allows only 4 sec to enter it, or it will deny it thinking that user enters it manually (Copy/Paste disabled also).

Notice about Rohos Logon:

  1. Rohos Logon can work in any Windows version (but not 95’s).
  2. Rohos autodetects the type of Windows login and integrates into it.
    But you can manually change it (Windows XP welcome screen, typical win 2000 style login, rohos’s Gina).
  3. You should use password protected user account

Bugs or problems? :
* Please open c:\program files\rohos\ and send us all *.log files
including yubico_mod_****.log to

Download Rohos Logon

APACER AH620 Fingerprint Flash Drive. Review

Not long ago we bought APACER AH620 with 4 Gb capacity and fingerprint scanner. Embedded program allows to use password protected USB flash drive for data protection.

The given USB flash drive is compatible with Rohos Logon Key program, which means that Biometric Authorization may also be used to access Windows (2000/XP/Vista). To learn more, please read here…

Device special features:

  • There are two Partitions on the disk: Secure Partition of the USB flash drive, and Open Partition
  • The Open Partition is always accessible (some biometric USB flash drives hide Open Partition with its files and folders while working with Secure One)
  • Partitions’ sizes can be changed with the help of built-in utility – “Resizing tool”. This utility is on the disk that goes as a unit
  • Secure Partition is accessible only after successful fingerprint authentication of the owner or his/her password. The device presents high USB flash drive security

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ruToken in Rohos Logon Key and Rohos Disk

rutoken.gifNow the popular token ruToken can be used in Rohos Logon Key and Rohos Disk programs as a single Key for Windows (including Vista x86/x64) authentication, and for data protection on Rohos Disk. To read more in ruToken Project News…

takeMS MEM-Drive Biometric Scanline. Review

takems-biometric-usb-flash-drive-box.jpgNew device, 1 Gb MEM-Drive Biometric Scanline takeMS flash drive, came in our laboratory. Carry it Easy Plus Bio built-in program allows to use Biometric Authorization for data protection on USB drive. The present USB flash drive is compatible with Rohos Logon Key.

Device special features:

  1. There are two partitions on the flash drive: Open and Secure
  2. The Open Partition is not always accessible. The given USB flash drive hides the Open Partition while the Secure one is used.
  3. Partitions’ size cannot be changed, it’s steady. (for 1Gb it’s 150 of Open and 900 Mb of Secure Partition)
  4. Secure Partition is accessible only after successful fingerprint authentication of the owner or his/her password
  5. There are various options offered in Secure Partition:
  • Internet Options (keeping Favorites, No Trace Browsing)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Portable Outlook & Outlook Express)
  • Outlook Express
  • File Synchronization (computer to USB drive)
  • Security Settings (up to 10 fingerprints, 1 password)
  • Lost & Found (chargeable)
  • Carry it Easy (the program is developed by Romanian company CoSoSys)


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Transcend JetFlash 220 Fingerprint Security. Review.

Recently we were asked by some of our users if it is possible to use a biometric (fingerprint) USB stick in combination with the Rohos Logon Software (for example if it is possible to logon using Rohos after a partition is made visible by a recognized fingerprint).

As a matter of fact, we have decided to test several Biometric USB flash drives, to discover which of them are compatible with the Rohos Logon Key.

We would like to present you the Transcend JetFlash 220 USB flash drive 2 Gb (fully compatible with the Rohos Logon) with the embedded fingerprint scanner for biometric access to the secured partition of the USB drive and included software.

Special features of the device:

  • An advanced technology of fingerprints identification, allowing to register up to 10 fingerprints (even from different people);
  • Biometric or password based security for the secured partition, web site logon, and encrypted files;
  • Software based, Data Encryption with AES algorithm based on the 256-bite key.
  • Automatic authorization performed on the web-sites where you have already been registered.
  • There is a program that allows to change the size of the secure partition of the flash drive.
  • The device fully supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista, which was proved by recent tests.
  • You are not able to access the secure partiton without obtaining the Administrator privileges.
  • While the secure partition of the flash drive is open, you are not able to use the un-secure partition of the device and vice-versa.

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Silicon Power F600 FingerPrint Disk. Review

We’d like to present you the review of Silicon Power F600 FingerPrint Disk with 1Gb volume with on-board fingerprint scanner. It’s not compatible with Rohos Logon Key.

Silicon Power F600 FingerPrint Disk на 1Gb со встроенным сканером отпечатка пальца

Silicon Power F600 features:

  • All flash memory is protected. There is no Open part.
  • Biometric or password protection of the USB flash drive (or both, fingerprint + password).
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP.  Doesn’t support Windows Vista (however, there is info on the manufacturer’s web page that 2GB models support Vista)
  • There are embedded Programs: File encryption on the disk, Desktop Lock, etc.
  • It’s possible to lock/unlock desktop upon USB drive removal (but not full logon as there is in Rohos).

How the device works:

Once the USB drive is plugged in in “My computer” window will appear two devices, removable drive (for example G:\) and virtual CD-ROM (F:\).



If you try to access disk G:\ now it will not open up. It means that it’s locked. To unlock it you should start up the file: “F:\FingerPrint.exe”, and in the emerged window choose the icon “Unlock”. After this should open up the “fingerprint” authorization window. In this window you may either enter your password or register your fingerprint.


If you have successfully got authorized the disk G:\ will get unlocked,  and in the taskbar will appear new icon:


If you double-click on it the program main menu will come up:


From this window you may encrypt the disk back just by pressing the “Unlock” button.

Registering fingerprints:

First you should open the program’s main window and choose the “FP Manager” button. Then enter your name and press the button with the right arrow, and the following window will open up:


Further choose the finger and slide it three times over the scanner, then press right arrow button. In the next window you may set up a password if needed.

“SecretZIP” feature:

In the main menu choose the “SecretZip” button, enroll using fingerprint. The following window will appear:


There are three buttons on the window:

  1. Create Archive – You choose the files and folders you need, and put them in a usual archive *.zip or encrypted *.exe, that could be unzipped only using this program.
  2. Unzip the archive – Just choose beforehand created *.zip file and unzip it into a chosen folder.
  3. Decrypt file – Choose beforehand created encrypted file of *.exe format and the program itself will decrypt it.

Data Synchronization:

In the program’s main menu choose the “Data Synchronization” button, enroll using fingerprint”. The following window will appear:



The left icon will lead to the Settings window, the right one to synchronization window:


There are three buttons (folders) for your disposal. Under each of there there is a button with arrow. If pressing on one of them there will appear the window where you should indicate the path to any folder that is on hard drive and path to the folder from the flash drive for the program to “know” what to synchronize with what. Now you may press the corresponding button (”syncr. my DataSync folder”, “syncr. my favorite folder” or “syncr. my document folder”), then press the“Synchronize” button and that’s it.

Locking computer:

In the program’s main menu choose the “PC Lock” button, enroll using fingerprint. The following window will appear:


Here you should set up locking settings and press ОК. Now to lock computer you should unplug the flash drive, and to unlock it to plug the flash drive back. Locking the PC is possible only after the flash drive itself is unlocked.


  1. The device doesn’t work under Windows Vista
  2. On the PC without admin rights the device is not accessible
  3. Presently it’s not compatible with Rohos Logon Key
  4. It’s not possible to format the USB flash drive into NTFS format