Lock/unlock your Mac with Rohos Logon Key. Video review by Alex.

One of Rohos Logon Key for Mac users, Alex, has volunteered to make a video about the program. Looks like it turned out to be a success for a young Mac user. 🙂 From his video you will learn that “Rohos Logon Key turns any USB into a key to unlock your computer.” So whenever you do not want to type in your password just like Alex has confessed, plug in your USB.

Rohos Logon Key for Mac benefits:

  1. To unlock your computer just plug in your USB
  2. Going for a break or lunch just pull the USB key out and the program will do whatever you want to (preliminary setup is required):
    1. Shut down
    2. Goes to sleep, etc.

Alex demonstrates how Rohos Logon Key looks and works on Mac:

  • Showing Rohos Preferences window
  • Setting actions upon USB key removal
  • Possibility to turn Rohos Logon Key OFF in case your USB key is stolen
  • Possibility to add new USB keys to access your computer is amazingly fast!

Thank you Alex and success to you in all your undertakings.

Rohos Mini Drive – “on-the-fly” encryption without Admin rights

In the video is presented how you may work with encrypted partition on a PC without admin rights using free portable encryption solution, Rohos Mini Drive, that securely protects your portable data on any USB device. Portable utility Rohos Disk Browser gives you opportunity to work with your sensitive data on USB in a usual way on any PC (even on internet cafe, where you don’t have admin rights).

In the video you will see:

  • Opening Encrypted part of USB drive by a password.
  • Opening files (with on-the-fly decryption) with associated application.
  • Saving files with on-the-fly encryption from application.
  • Playing mp3 files.
  • Browse all photos from a folder in thumbnail view (by using Virtual Folder command).
  • Launch portable applications.

With this functions Rohos Mini Drive is the most wanted tool for portable data security recommended by many bloggers and magazines.

Access your Windows computer with YubiKey

The video shows thorough instructions on how to set up and use YubiKey for secure Windows logon. “Also Rohos Logon Key supports YubiKey with static password and dynamic OTP” – says Alex. “As an additional level of protection Rohos Logon doesn’t allow to type in the OTP manually, denying such OTPs.”

Access Remote Desktop with YubiKey

The video shows how to set up YubiKey for Remote Desktop access. “In order to use YubiKey for RDP you need to install Rohos Logon Key Server Version“- says Alex. “USB Key Management Utility from Server Version allows you to add and set up Yubikey.” To learn more on how to set up YubiKey in Rohos Logon Key please, read

Rohos Disk for YubiKey

Especially for YubiKey users Tesline-Service would like to announce Rohos Disk v.1.30 beta release. Now you may securely access your encrypted partition just by one touch. Nice and easy!

Download Rohos Disk v.1.30 (beta)

YubiKey benefits in Rohos Disk:

  • No need to re-program YubiKey in static mode; both YubiKey configurations are supported
  • Rohos Disk allows to authenticate YubiKey OTP against any server (Yubico server settings included)
  • Also there is an option to enter YubiKey’s AES key so Rohos Disk could decrypt and verify it locally

If you re-programed YubiKey in a static password mode, you can also use it in Rohos Disk.

You may see the video on “How to Access Rohos Disk with YubiKey

Here are some screen shots:

Rohos Logon Key with YubiKey for Mac. Video.

Rohos Logon Key becomes more and more popular among users that are concerned about Mac security. We are glad to present you another video made by one of users. This time the video shows the way Rohos Logon Key works with YubiKey for Mac lock/unlock. To learn how to set up Rohos Logon for YubiKey please, read here

Rohos Logon Key video. How to use Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch to login into Mac OS X Leopard.

We are glad to present you the video that was made by senad-deepdark, one of Rohos Logon Key version for Mac OS X user. “I searched the net but I didn’t find this Trick 😉 Use you Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch to login into Mac Osx Leopard 😉 and Lock the system when you simple walk Away from you MAC 😉 This is perfect for Sys Admins and others who is dangerous to leave a logged system on 😉 ”

For more instructions and screen shots please, read here

Video: Lock/Unlock Vista with Rohos Logon Key

This video presents the way Rohos Logon Key works in Windows Vista. You will learn the program’s main features and how to set up USB flash drive to quickly Lock and Unlock your Vista computer.