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Video tutorials
Video guide Here you'll find a set of animated Flash Videos about our access control and data encryption software, Rohos Logon and Rohos Disk.

For each video you can read a detailed article or how-to section that thoroughly describes covered topic and functionality.

Note: The videos require the Macromedia Flash plugin.

Secure Windows logon, USB flash drive videos

USB flash drive for login Setting-up USB flash drive for secure Windows logon (1.7 Mb)
This video guide includes:
  • Detecting USB stick letter, Windows password entry and verification;
  • PIN code protection dialog box for two-factor authentication procedure.
  • Strong password generator;
  • Setup automatic Windows lock on USb stick removal behaviour.

  • Virtual encrypted disk videos

    Creating encrypted disk Creating Rohos encrypted disk and using it via SaveAs/Open dialog (760 Kb)
    Video guide to creating Rohos encrypted drive and saving files encrypted via SaveAs/Open dialog from any program.

    Encryption button in MS Word, Excell, MS Office MS Office encryption with Rohos via SaveAs/Open dialog (790 Kb)
    Demo includes how to use Rohos disk icon via SaveAs/Open dialogs in Word, Excell to save and open encrypted files. How to disconnect Rohos disk from the menu near the clock. How the disk icon disappeares from Office application.

    This video is based on how to instantly encrypt sensitive MS Office documents article from How-to's.

    Store encrypted disk password on USB flash drive Accessing encrypted Rohos disk by USB flash drive. (790 Kb)
    Demo includes how to use Rohos disk encryption software.
    In particular accessing encrypted disk by using USB flash drive (instead of password entry). On the Video you'll see how Rohos disk icon dinamicaly appears and disappears from the My Computer. How the system notifications works for Rohos disk. How PIN code works for USB flash drive.


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