In this table we would like to compare USB flash drives with embedded encryption and security features.

For the time being we have tested and compared 4 devices: IronKey Personal S200 1GB, BioSlimDisk Signature 2GB (2009 year model),  Kanguru Defender 1GB and Kingston DataTraveler Vault 2GB.

The comparison matrix contains 2 tables:

Device features

Device Name Hardware Firmware updates Authentication Launcher Win/Mac/Linux water proof Hardware tamper resistant
BioslimDisk Signature Biometric + Hardware Encryption
Dual-fingerprint authentication only,
Admin +user
+/+/+ + +
IronKey S200
Hardware Encryption AES256
+ Password, device itself for online account.
+/+/+ +
Kanguru Defender Hardware Encryption AES256
+ Password + +/+/+ + N/A
Kingston DataTraveler Vault Hardware Encryption
+ +/+/+ + N/A

Security features (provided by the  device or software part)

Device Name Password reset Open Partition Additional software Password reminder Self destruct after # failed password entry Read-only mode Auto-lock device after inactivity timeout Minimum password  length Virtual keyboard Multi- user access Remote Control
BioslimDisk Signature 2Gb
+ 7*3, completely destroy device +, 8 fingerprints
IronKey S200 1GB

PKCS#11, password manager,
Online control panel

10, completely destroy device
+, and autorun.inf protection
+ + $ $
Kanguru Defender 1GB
+ $ 10, + $
Kingston DataTraveler Vault + +
+ 10, locks private zone

$ – means that the feature is available as a paid option via additional software add-on or Administration ToolKit.


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