The key element of every serious software business is the availability of knowledgeable and responsive Technical Support. We offer 3 levels of support:

FREE Support by email

Primarily this support is for:

a) new users of Rohos during the evaluation period
b) Rohos freeware products and
c) expired PAID Support user

You are welcome to use the following options:

  • Rohos on-line documentation
  • e-mail support
  • Questions over Skype chat.

Free for registered customers:

  • On-line documentation
  • e-mail support during actual major product version (about 1 year for 4.*).
  • Setup assistance for a limited number of issues via skype, remote sessions during work hours.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Support

Priority technical support by certified security professionals :

  • On-line, voice, remote sessions for problem resolution, setup and maintenance of Rohos software. Charged per hour, available during extended work hours and limited hours on weekends;
  • 14\7. 8:00 – 23:00  (CET)  , 6:00 – 17:00 (EST)
  • Available by pre-Order. Buy now>

* For more information or Support purchase or submit an on-line Support request, please contact Rohos Customer Service Team via feedback form. For unregistered users it’d be necessary to insert “0” in “Your Order ID” field to activate the feedback form. Support request will not be considered if there is a false Order ID indicated.

Update policy

If you purchase a license for Rohos Logon Key/Rohos Disk Encryption, you will get all minor upgrades for free (all 1.xx versions). Major upgrades (4.xx to 5.xx) will be available for 40% fee from original price.

Note: A minor upgrade is a program release that fixes bugs, improves performance, enhances usability or adds a new feature to an existing version. Version numbers look like v.2.0, v.2.1, v.2.2, etc.

Licensing policy ?

The Rohos licensing is lifetime (perpetual), price is one time payment. You can use the product forever. Minor updates are free (4.*)

Support by email is always free.

Rohos Logon Key licensing policy is based on per computer/host principle.
As a special offer we have introduced additional licensing options
a) regular license – license that covers one personal computer accessed via physical console.
b) PRO license – special promo license that covers 3 computers with remote desktop access.
c) Server license – for a single Windows Server OS host accessed physically or via RDP with Rohos 2FA control.

PRO/Server licenses also includes other advanced security features, used in extra use cases:

Comparison matrix for Rohos Logon Key
Comparison matrix for Rohos Disk

Product Return Policy (refund)

You can return program for a full refund within 30 days after purchase. Always contact us for return authorization before returning any item.

You may not return a product with the following condition:

  • Product has been installed and all features work as it is described in the manual.

If Rohos doesn’t work or you encountered a problem you should contact us and describe a problem. Then you can ask for an update/fix or refund. Please do not uninstall the program before we identify the problem, otherwise no refund will be authorized.

Do you have volume discounts or a site licenses?

Volume discounts are stated on the billing page for every product. For example go to the Rohos Logon Key order page and click on the Select license drop-down list box.

For Educational organizations we offer 30-50% discount or a site license.

Interested in reselling our Products?

Our general terms and fees:

  • 20 – 60% discount
  • 100% pre-payment. Payment can be done via our billing page (credit card, paypal, wire, etc.)
  • End user information is not required
  • Limited support to your end user (depends on a discount)
  • Minor Updates are free for your end user
  • Register and order as resseller here>

How to activate license offline

Some Rohos licenses require online activation at host and it is performed automatically. You can activate license manually from any PC with Internet connection:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter you license key with “-hostname” at the end.
    for example:
    Click Activate
  3. On the web page copy 2 lines :
    EncodedSigned: 4F62FB2D9FF7605BD19AAC25F8C128E2768ECA3B1D738CB3395DEFF500025E09117F0E6FB27F235795BAF0695C7B88B424688DC4A0AC7528759DECBC1715D340
    And save in into text file. This is activated license for ts1-server computer
  4. On the ts1-server computer open Rohos Logon Key > Help > get Registered and paste these 2 lines. Done!