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How to protect your data from accidental deletion by kids.




Published : June 6, 2005
kids playing and diggind on the PC Sharing a home computer used to mean that your kids can see your files, install games or software you didn't want, or even delete your sensitive files.

How to prevent this ?

1. Create your personal disk.

With Rohos you can create your personal disk to store your sensitive files.

Rohos Get Ready Wizard will help you to create personal encrypted disk for you.

Personal secured drive, encrypted by AES256 bit encryption

Note: Get Ready Wizard guides you through the process of configuring Rohos for your system step by step. It helps you to learn basic Rohos features and innovations you will have after installing Rohos.

2. Put your sensitive files into Rohos disk.

Now the disk is connected and you can put some files into it. Go to desktop, and click My computer icon. There you will find another disk letter (R:\ on the screen shot).

You can copy, create or move your important data to this disk. The data is encrypted "on the fly", when you work with the disk.
hide files, folders into private disk

3. Hide your personal disk.

To make this disk invisible, please click the "Disconnect" button in Rohos window, in disk's tab. After you disconnect the disk, the data it contains will be inaccessible and unreadable.

You can leave your computer and allow your kids to play.
hide files, folders into private disk
   mean - hide disk
private disk is hidden now

Note: Next time you come to work you should open Rohos window and connect your personal disk to see it's content.

4. Lock your Computer.

Leaving your computer in a hurry but you don't want to shutdown ? We recommend you to use display locking feature to protect your active session against unwanted access. Learn more in How-to create a Shortcut to Lock Your Computer topic.

Being locked Windows displays the Computer Locked dialog box. Your system is now locked, preventing everyone except you or a system administrator from unlocking your system and viewing any open files or programs.


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