Rohos Disk for Android helps you to open encrypted disks on mobile devices.

You can place the Rohos disk in your Google Drive and synchronize it with your smartphone. You can also copy your encrypted drive onto a smartphone through USB cable and have it permanently with you. No need to worry about secret data, because it is encrypted.

Click Open container in program’s menu and select encrypted file in your file system.

Your secret files fill be accessible for you from anywhere.

License: freeware

System requirements: Android 4.1 and higher.

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It’s easy!

  1. Copy or synchronize the Rohos disk with Android phone or tablet.
  2. Click Menu -> Open container. Tap to choose a container. Find in your file system the encrypted file.
  3. Fill-in the password.
  4. Click Open the container. Click on any file. It will be open in a corresponding application.
  5. If you want to open this disk again just select Menu -> Open previous container.

Note: Rohos Disk for Android opens the container as read-only drive!

How to make it more safe:

  1. Open Menu of the application, and choose Settings. If you don’t want smartphone to remember your password, uncheck this option.
  2. When you finish working with encrypted disk, open Menu and choose Close container.

Note: It is not possible to copy entire file from encrypted container. We hope, it prevents the files from stealing in case the disk was accidentally open.

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