StaffCounter is a fully automated activity monitoring system, which assess of how your employees access and modify sensitive data on a computer. StaffCounter track all data access events and creates detailed audit records for secure archival. Also prevents data from being copied without authorization and alerts about any illicit employee behavior with data.

  • Adhere GDPR compliance with personal data security assessment
  • Protects your business from confidential data leaks through applications, mobile devices, cloud services or removable USB devices.
  • Monitor employee data access by constantly monitoring their PC activity: apps, web, documents and media;
  • Prevents unauthorized data use by blocking the downloading, installing, or running of third-party programs from the internet or USB storage devices.

Three-in-one: device monitoring, leak prevention, and employee time-tracking

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Monitor USB storage devices and disks. You can disallow writing and allow reading only, or create a list of authorized devices by serial number.

Block smartphones, cameras, and other MTP devices from connecting through the USB port

Disallow writing data to CDs or DVDs

Maintain control over data written to network resources, and prevent data leaks over standard network access

Disallow transmitting of information over Bluetooth to a phone or other device

Prevent leaks of sensitive information through Outlook or Thunderbird. Filter information sent from the browser or as attachments in e-mail clients.

StaffCounter deeply tracks what/where/when related to personal data access, computer startup, login/logoff/unlock,and turn off time.

StaffCounter Free Computer Monitoring

According to experts, the following technical strategies may help to form your GDPR compliance plan: Auditing of personal data access and modifications; Secure archiving of audit records.

Available as a cloud solution (SaaS)

$1 per computer per month*

The first 30 days are free and include everything
for Windows 7/8/10 Mac and Linux