Summary: Rohos Disk uses the principles of Steganography to completely hide the existence of your Sensitive Computer files inside any Media of AVI, MP3, MPG, WMV, WMA, OGG formats, and uses them as a Cover file.

What is Steganography?

Steganography refers to the method of sending messages hidden on another connected or unconnected material in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the Message.

A Steganography message appears to be something other than the Message it sends and is usually hidden under a cover text, in such a way that even the existence of the message cannot be found  by anybody except the Person to whom it is sent.

The concept of Steganography is successfully used in Computer Information protection. An electronic  steganography message is first encrypted in the normal way and then it is placed inside some cover text file, which cannot be found by anybody else.

Rohos Disk Intro

Though we have many Software Programs for hiding Data files by using Steganography the Rohos Disk creates a Virtual encrypted Disk within a media File and is mounted as a real Disk Drive. The Rohos Disk encrypts the files automatically, in real time and the process is very transparent.

Virtual encrypted Disk that can be accessed by a Password, or by a unique method of using a USB flash-drive as a key.

Rohos Disk – Features

Rohos Disk offers the facility of using the Virtual Disk as you use other normal Disks, and the changes effected in the Files are encrypted automatically in real time thereby making your Files completely protected right from the moment they are created.

When Virtual Disk work session is finished, no one can see the information or find it using Windows search feature and information can’t be changed as it is stored on encrypted disk

The Rohos Disk works on the principle of Virtual Device creating feature in Windows, and uses VMware for creating a virtual Computer inside of Windows. Another copy of Windows can be opened in VMware Window and you can work there as you normally work in Windows. Neither installed programs, nor even Windows will detect the changes made during such sessions.

Rohos Disk creates in Windows its own Virtual Drive and if necessary more than one Virtual Drive can be created. Rohos Disk tells Windows about the new Device when the Virtual Disk is on, and the same can be used as a Physical Drive. When you put off the Computer or log off the Virtual Disk is turned off by Rohos and the Virtual Drive cannot be detected by Windows.

Rohos Disk uses the latest Virtual encrypted Disk Technology called the On-the-fly Data encryption. By this technology Windows transfers to Rohos Disk all the Data you save on Virtual Disk automatically encrypting them.

Steganography features in Rohos Disk

Rohos Disk does not use ‘redundant data’ principle on the media file. The Program modifies the contents of the media file at a level of its format instead at a level of bits. Though the media file becomes modified but it still can be opened and played in Media Player for about 5 minutes thereby maintaining its level of secrecy.

  • Rohos Disk works with steganography storage of encrypted Disk image in an AVI, MP3, MPG, WMV, WMA, OGG file.
  • Minimum media file size: 4 MB size.
  • Even after data has been placed inside the media files they remain playable, and they can be moved from your PC to other PCs, CDs, and USB Flash Drives
  • The media file can be password protected.
  • The password can be stored on a USB Stick and it can be used as a physical key to open the steganography media file as Rohos Disk.
  • The data injected media file can be transferred and stored on a USB Disk so that the encrypted Media file can be moved onto other Computers.

How to Hide Rohos Disk inside a Media File

Rohos Disk uses the principles of Steganography to completely hide the existence of your Sensitive Computer files inside any Media of AVI, MP3, MPG, WMV, WMA, OGG formats, and uses them as a Cover file. Here is how you can do it

  1. Open the Rohos Center Window by Clicking on the Task bar Icon or on the Shortcut on your Desktop
  2. Click on the Create Rohos Disk within media file Menu Item in the Main Window to get the Create New Rohos Disk Window
  3. Click on the Choose Media File Option to Select the Media file to be used for Hiding the Rohos Disk, to browse and select the Media file.

    Once the media file is selected, the program calculates disk size and letter.

    You have the option to select another media File by clicking on the Link Choose another file. Minimum files size is 3 Mb.

  4. Specify disk password.
  5. Click on the Create Disk Button, and your Rohos Disk is safely placed inside the Media File you have chosen and it cannot be opened by anybody without the Password.


Thus, the Rohos Disk has very advanced steganography features that effectively conceal your sensitive data inside a wide variety of Media files that can be played even after the injection of the data offering foolproof security to your Data. The data stored in an encrypted form inside a totally unrelated media file can never be accessed by anybody offering the highest Data Security to your sensitive Data.

Inside the Rohos virtual encrypted disk

File-Shredder – to delete file reliably and be sure that nobody can recover it.

How does Rohos Disk differ from similar disk encryption software?

Rohos Disk Browser enables you to open and view the contents of secret partitions on a USB drive on any other computer, even if you do not have administrative rights.

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