Rohos Logon Key uses Windows registry to store all program options.

Please note that only MSI and RW Server version installation packages set restricted access rights to Rohos registry values, thus preventing users from modifying program settings using Windows registry editor or Rohos window. The full access is granted only to Administrators group and SYSTEM.


Key’s name

Description and Definition (DWORD or string)


1- bound up the program to the last configured USB key. By default, 1 is after the first USB key was configured


1 – disables log files

0 – (by default) enables logging


1 – disables Rohos shutdown dialog

0 – (by default) enables it


1 – disables USB login key for user

0 – (by default) enables

all – disables all connected USB flash drives.


Do not modify. See Chapter 3.3 Logon model, MSI option Logon Type (see Chapter 4.8))


Actual path to the program. Do not modify


0- (by default) enables manual password entry

1 – disable login without USB key for all users. Allows logging in only by USB key.

2 – disable login without USB key for listed users. Other ones can log in without USB keys.

3 – disable login without USB key for rohos user group in active directory

4 – disable login without USB key for users came through RDC

5 – disable login without USB key for users came through RDC outside LAN


0 – (by default) no reaction.

1 – locks Windows desktop after USB Key withdrawal from USB port.

2 – log off after removing of USB key

3 – turn off the computer

4 – Hibernate computer

5 – activate screensaver

6 – switch user

>50 – means time interval in seconds during which user can work without USB Key (see keyless mode feature)


The USB Key icon on the login desktop.

(by default) green USB device

Full Path to gif/jpg/bmp/png file. Max 150*150 pics.


1 – disables the operation of the program in Safe Mode.


(RGB) the color of the texts on the welcome screen.


Disables defined texts on the welcome screen (clock, date).


1 – allows using the access to Remote Desktop typing in the password.  (even ifUSB_Only_login=1)


1 – Disables working time counter – to calculate the amount of time spent on the PC during a day/week, and to display it in the shutdown/logoff window

0 – (by default) enables.

USBKeyDllName Determines  the type of USB key:

nothing- USB Flash drive

rohos_btkey.dll – Bluetooth key,
rohos_mifare.dll – MiFare 1K RFID
rohos_ed-fs-2044.dll – RFID readers. Easyident/Addimat
rohos_cr10mw.dll – RFID CR10MW
rohos_vson.dll – PC Lock USB dongle
rohos_jcardv2.dll – JCard V2M
rohos_otp.dll – Google Authenticator
rohos_phone.dll – Mobile phone (Android/iOS)
rohos_swk.dll – Swekey
rohos_ybk.dll – YubiKey
rohos_pkcs.dll – USB key of the PKCS standard

USBKeyPkcs11 Determines  the type of PKCS key

etpkcs11.dll – Aladdin eToken PRO
aseCardCryptoCSP.dll – Athena USB Cryptocard,
HiCOSPKCS11.dll – Futako HiToken V22
rtpkcs11.dll – Activ ruToken
utpkcs11.dll – uaToken
k1pk112.dll – iKey 10xx
dkck232.dll – iKey 20xx
aetpkss1.dll – iKey 30xx
sadaptor.dll – Crypto Identity 5
ep1pk111.dll – ePass 1000
ep2pk11.dll – ePass 2000
ngp11v211.dll – ePass 2000 FT12
eps2003csp11.dll – ePass 2003
pkcs_marx.dll – CrypToken
senselock_token.dll – trueToken (Senselock)
ST2pkcs11v10 – Securetoken ST2
st3csp11.dll – Securetoken ST3

The following values are only used in Rohos welcome screen (gina.dll) (see Chapter 3.3) logon model:


Background picture for login screen.


What happens when the user presses CAD:

1 Opens typical WinNT style security dialog.

2 Locks workstation

0 (by default) opens Task Manager in Windows XP, or CAD dialog in Win2000


1 – Disables Administrator to unlock user session.

0  (by default)


1 – Disables typical login dialog, where username, password and domain can be entered.

0  (by default)


Help string that is displayed on right-bottom of the login screen.

 turns off this help.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon :

LegalNoticeCaption – Login screen caption with big font. (Welcome to Windows by default);

LegalNoticeText2  Login screen notice text with smaller font. (by default)