1. Rohos Logon Key components:
    • Welcome.exe – Rohos Center (Control Panel), install/uninstall routines, login screen component;
    • Rohos_ui.dll – GINA module that replaces or makes a proxy layer;
    • Rohos_obj.dll  – remote login component that integrates into Remote Desktop Application;
    • Rohos_cp.dll  – Rohos credential provider for Windows Vista.
    • Ntserv.exe – welcome-screen service (used in Windows XP\Vista welcome screen + Rohos authentication method, see Chapter 3.3)
    • cximagecrt.dll – image processing library.
  2. USB Key profiles Rohos Logon Key stores all passwords’ information in the \_rohos\roh.roh file.
    This file in encrypted with AES encryption algorithm with a default password or PIN code if it is used.

USB Key protection

  • USB Key cannot be duplicated. Rohos prevents Key duplicate. Key logon profile is bound up with a USB flash drive serial number.
  • USB Key originality can be protected by PIN that is used for encrypting profiles.
  • USB Key that was created by USB Manager Tool cannot be modified on home computer (for example, Logon profiles cannot be cleared or modified by user using Rohos Logon Key program)