Biometric authentication in Windows

Briefly: It is possible to use biometric USB flash drives with Rohos Logon Key. Therefore, access to Windows is available after the secured partition of the USB flash drive is made visible by a recognized fingerprint.

In this article we will consider biometric USB flash drive Transcend JetFlash 220 Fingerprint work with Rohos Logon Key program.

How it works:

  1. Rohos Logon Key starts up biometric authorization module from USB flash drive even before logging in Windows (in welcome screen).
  2. User touches biometric sensor immediately enabling USB flash drive secured partition
  3. Rohos Logon Key waits till the access to the secured partition is open. Then it reads the name and password of the user (is encrypted) to login the system.
  4. Then Rohos Logon Key automatically logs into Windows.

Information: Usual biometric flash drive space is divided into two main parts: open and secure. If Open Partition is on, then it’s impossible to view Secure Partition and vice versa. That’s why Rohos Logon Key should be set up for Secure Partition for the desired result, i.e. access to which could be obtained due to personal fingerprints.

How to set up Rohos Logon Key for Biometric USB flash drive:

  • First, install Rohos Logon Key
  • In the main window screen open dialog box “Options” (here are a key main setting)

In this dialog box for the type of device used as a login key choose USB flash drive.

Then click the link “Choose start-up program”, to choose a program to start biometric authorization from USB flash drive. Then choose program from USB flash drive

How to know what program to choose?

On removable disk or CD-ROM of this flash drive there is a file with extension autorun.inf. If to open it there will be showed what program to start. In our case it’s PdtStart.exe.

  • Now Rohos Logon Key will be set up for secured flash drive partition

Setting-up USB flash drive for system login:

  • Note: before setting-up USB flash drive, the Secure Partition should be open for Rohos to save logon profile in this partition.
  • In the main window screen click “Setup USB flash drive”. In this dialog box enter your Windows logon password (if you do not use password, create one)

  • Has been found USB key F:/ – indicates on what disk the program is set up.
  • Press OK , now you biometric USB flash drive will be your system logon key.
  • If to restart the computer you will see that the system shows biometric authorization screen, on which is requested user fingerprint for login with USB flash drive (as an alternative to fingerprint may be a password that was entered while setting up the USB key).

During the tests with Rohos Logon Key program biometric flash drive Transcend JetFlash 220 Fingerprint has showed quite good results, and takes 4 points out of 5 available.