Safe and transparent protection of all private data on the USB drive with no backdoor.

Do not underestimate security of your data. Thefts of data and entire computers are a daily matter. Both individuals and enterprises lose top secret financial data and for some it costs reputation. In the light of the latest news on FBI wanting to require all encrypted communications systems to have back doors really undermines the right for privacy. Lately the Privacy and Security issues are very much talked about and taken in consideration.

No backdoor

Recently we’ve been asked if our encryption software Rohos Mini Drive (freeware) and Rohos Disk Encryption (shareware) have backdoors. Our answer is No. Rohos team claim its encryption programs have no backdoors. So you can sleep safe and sound knowing that nobody will be able to access your encrypted personal data unless you give them the password.

Also we have been asked how we could prove it. The only way to prove it would be to open the source code which we will do, but later and only for our utility Rohos Mini Drive Portable.

Rohos Mini Drive is totally free for the home user and it is the best free encryption security tool that uses NIST approved encryption standard. In other words it has all a home user needs to achieve a good level of computer data privacy.

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