ICQ/Skype encryption in Rohos Disk v.2.0

We are glad to announce the release of Rohos Disk 2.0.

Tesline-Service company is always trying to keep up with the trends of IT world, and now it is ready to offer you Rohos software already compatible with Windows 8. The new features have been added to simplify the encryption process without compromising data security. This new encryption feature for folders and applications will make it possible for any PC user to protect their data.

ICQ/Skype encryption

Can you ever imagine your virtual life without instant messengers like ICQ or Skype? You’ll probably say it is hardly possible. Yes. It seems to be true. Most of users can hardly imagine their everyday life without all these cyber tools, and, after all, why should we deprive ourselves of convenience and comfort while communicating with our business partners or friends, or while performing free calls or exchanging instant messages or files?

ICQ and Skype are one of the most popular instant messengers. These programs keep all your contacts, so you have your friends and partners in one list. These communication tools allow you to have access to several user accounts and keep all your passwords. One instant messenger holds the passwords to your social networking profiles (Facebook etc.). With this handy approach you can save both your time and computer space.

Believe it or not, if you step away from your computer and leave it unsupervised you may suffer from an intruder overwhelmed with curiosity or driven by evil intent. The access to your chat history, passwords and exchanged files remains absolutely insecure. So, what can you do to protect all your passwords and chat history?

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