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PC WELT (WORLD) January 01, 2009

The editors of PC World magazine have chosen Rohos Logon Key for "Security tools-DVD for Windows".

Rohos Logon Key 2.5:
"Secure Windows Logon with USB"



editor's review (2008)
"Magically partition your thumb drive"

"... Rohos Mini Drive includes features to open the protected drive on systems where the user doesn't have administrator rights. That makes this app easy to use anywhere from
public library labs to your best friend's system. We can
easily recommend this app for all experienced users
needing to transport personal files
..." Read full review

Macworld.co.uk (2008)
Review by Macworld team:

"Concerned your machine might be vulnerable to snoopers? Rohos Logon Key could be just what you’re looking for. Simply put, it transforms any USB key into a security dongle for your Mac...

First Look: Rohos Logon Key for Mac (2008)
"... Rohos Logon Key offers an inexpensive way to securely protect your Mac from unauthorized users. The program also runs on Windows, giving you cross-platform security from a single USB drive. If you want more security than what a password can offer, grab an USB drive, turn it into a key, run Rohos Logon Key, and lock your Mac today."

Lock Your PC With Rohos Logon Key by (2008)
by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

"...Rohos Logon Key is a safe, secure, and convenient
way to log in and out of your machines... The program
is full-featured and easy-to-use. So, if you're looking
for a way to streamline the login process, while keeping
it totally secure, Rohos Logon Key may be just what
you're looking for. Give it a try, I recommend it

by techradar.com (UK, 2008)
News: Lock up your Mac with a USB security key by J Mark Lytle:

"Mac owners with more than a touch of paranoia should head straight for the website of Moldovan security firm Rohos with any old USB flash drive at the ready..."

by bbmug.co.uk
(UK, 2008)
Review by Martin:

"Rohos is a brilliant application that uses low system
resources and stops unauthorized access of your
computer, when you take out the USB Key the screen automatically locks, or you can set it to shut down
you mac...
" Read full review...

by MacUser.com (2008); Derik DeLong said in Login with a thumb drive:

"One of the many problems with keeping secure is that
when you use a strong password, it can be hard
to remember and annoying to input... Rohos offers
an interesting alternative... In essence, the software
allows you to create a physical key that you need
to plug into your Mac in order to unlock it. You
could even attach it to a keychain. Very clever..."

Rohos products awardsby Everything USB.com (USA, 2008)
News: Rohos Logon Converts Any USB Devices into a Login Key

"...The software in a nutshell converts an ordinary
USB device with on-board serial number into a security
key. So, an iPod would also work. It basically types
in the password for you so you could execute the safest password strategies possible, and it doesn't use up any
space on the drive,meaning it can work with non-Mac compatible USB sticks
..." Read news...

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (2008)
Mat Lu said:

" We've covered USB key security systems before, but Rohos Logon Key looks like an interesting new player in the field for two reasons: cost and convenience. Like other USB key systems it allows you to control user logins with a USB key, but unlike other systems you don't have to use a dedicated key -- practically any USB flash drive will work..." Read full...

by Tucows.com (2008),
"Unique Tools for Computer Security and Theft Prevention"
Jordan Running said :

"Rohos Logon Key is not a free tool--the full version
costs $29--but it's definitely worth downloading the
free 15-day trial. Like BtProx it's not so much an anti-theft
tool as an anti-access tool...."
Read full article...

by golephish (USA, 2008).

I was worried that some of my room mates were messing with my PC. Even with it locked. This program is easily configured. just pull out your usb stick and the workstation is locked! -- Even in safe mode -- right on

Rohos Logon Works With Windows VistaBy Microsoft (2007)
Recently Microsoft updated the list of applications that Work With Windows Vista. Rohos Logon Key is there! Windows Vista Compatibility Center

Rohos products awardsPC Mag, Coming attractions column.
Neil J Rubenkin said:

"Teslain's Rohos Logon Key converts any USB drive into an access key for Microsft Windows, replacing the Windows login. Simply insert the Key to sign in... ". Read full review...

Rohos products awardsby www.idg.no (Sweden, 2007).

USB-minne som Windows-lås
Programmet Rohos Logon Key 2.0 lar deg benytte en ordinær minnepinne for innlogging i Windows fremfor et vanlig passord.

Rohos products awards By Everything USB.com (USA, 2007)

Rohos Logon - USB Lock Key for Vista :

"...replaces traditional password-based Windows login/access with a thumbdrive. Or if you prefer to add another layer of authentication, you can keep using your existing PIN code...."

Rohos products awards TechReport.com forums (USA, 2007)
User choise at :

Logging into Windows via USB Key dicsussion:

"...Now to just pick a software package...
So far Rohos looks like a winner at $25.


by Gregg Keizer at his Security and Privacy Blog (2006).
Do-It-Yourself Security Token:

Software to make this USB drive into a token -- which you have to insert into a port on the portable or desktop -- is for the asking (almost) on the Web... Read full review...

by Willem Noorloos.

it works like a dream, just sit back and see the program do the login.

I think that is a very good idea! Keep me posted. We have some people here that login from their home using an ADSL-VPN connection, i was thinking of letting them use USB-keys to login as it is far better protection.

Older reveiews and user's opinions:

by Gunner at CCleaner forum 2005.

I travel a lot, and use flash drives. I can see how someone that does not cannot see the potential for convience and security. I like it and will buy it. Sometime you have to open your wallet for a good thing?

by Mbirth, moderator at www.se-community.com
2005. (auto-translated by google)

- completely different log on screen , but with usericon, etc.. - everything freely configurable
- alternative Logon with password possible (optional)
- configuration program mackte on my test computer rum (uses the MSIE for the interface)
- does not need to be really installed - simply to copy, exe start, to "Activte Rohos Welcome" click and already funktioniert's - the return to the normal log in screen is just as simple
- are also here completely adjustable action with the separation of the USB stick (barriers, Ausloggen, state of rest, Runterfahren)
- 50% discount for student

Thus, now after the test I find Rohos Welcome best, because one can adapt the appearance there freely after its conceptions and it is also otherwise optically responding. Natural Login is also not bad, but the "Keyless time" and the missing possibility of being able to log in via normal username and password lets it fall in the valuation strongly. DiskLogon might which for purists be, which the Windows 2000-Design pleases. Kind of DEK Logon did not function with me.

by -BAM- at Download.com 2006.
The smartest, most feature-rich USB security login solution available


Pros: I have tried programs such as Dekart Login and Natural Login, but I have found the ideal solution in Rohos Welcome, which has the same functionality, but better implemented, and gives the user the flexibility they need to configure and personalise the application to suit their needs. For example, you can setup a custom wallpaper to appear whenever you remove the USB stick to lock your system, and add text based notices in various parts of the locked screen.

In Rohos, you have more options for what you would like to happen whenever the USB stick is removed, such as go into hibernation, which is not present in other solutions ive tried. This option is ideal for laptop users on the move who want to avoid the slow process of windows startup, whilst also saving battery life.

Rohos adds PIN security to your USB stick to stop anyone else logging in with it - yes, Dekart etc. has this, but Rohos uses a custom PIN entry keypad to let you enter the code with your mouse, rather than by keyboard, which bypasses any danger posed by any system compromised by hidden keylogging software. Even corporate windows 2-factor authentication solutions such as GemSafe GemPlus smardcard software do not offer this level of security with their PIN entry... thought has definitely gone into Rohos Welcome, and because of this, the program is more flexible, secure and stands above the competition.

For the best all-in-one USB secrity solution you should check out Rohos Desktop Security, which has all the features of Rohos Welcome, but also includes the ability to create secure, encrypted virtual disks, all integrated into the existing interface. You can buy similar products such as Dekart Private Disk, but once again Rohos has put the thought into their solution and offers excellent features such as steganography, where you can actually hide your virtual disk INSIDE another file, without altering the original files attributes so that you virtual disk is TOTALLY undetectable and only appears when you enter your USB stick!

Cons: I honestly cant think of any - I had an idea for one or two other features I would like to see in the program and mailed Rohos Support - I got a fast reply and they said they would happily look into my idea for future version, so I truly have NO complaints!

by Andreas Heydecke (Germany) 2006.

I searched the internet for a 'good' replacement for the login-screen of windows 2000 for the pc of my parents.

by Tammi L Allen. 2005.

Very cool that I can use HUGE secure passwords now and not have to type them to log in!

by www.ubergizmo.com 2006.

Experience a totally new way of logging onto Windows XP - using the revolutionary Rohos Welcome (version 1.2). Doubling up as a USB flash drive, automate the logon process with ease. Upon removal of the flash drive, you can configure Rohos Welcome to automatically logoff, shutdown, or hibernate the system.

Compatible with Windows 2000, Rohos Welcome changes the logon screen by following the Windows XP format. A nice touch was adding details such as the current date and time, logon time, and the addition/removal of users. This great piece of shareware is valid for a free 40-day trial period, where upon expiry, a small fee of $25/$45 (depending on the type of license) is required to keep it running. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 versions.

by Mark Coderre. 2006.

I work in a Fire Department Dispatch Centre and I pull my USB key out everytime I get a call...it's great because it locks my system for the duration of a call, but when I come back and login with my USB key, I have several MSN messages because my MSN does not not change status with pulling the key. This would be a huge feature for me if you could swing it.

I love your program and now that I know the change is coming I intend on purchasing it.

by Mike Selfridge. 2006.

I am running a new laptop computer Since this computer is a prime theft target, I have taken steps to make it as secure as possible when leaving it unsupervised. I keep it tethered. All my sensitive information (passwords, account numbers, etc.) is kept on a 1GB USB flash, including my Mozilla Firefox profile directory (contains autocomplete data and web page cache). I also run a file mirroring utility that mirrors critical files to my USB flash every hour, in case the drive crashes or the computer is stolen. Rohos adds security against computer tampering, since I pull the flash drive whenever I walk away from the computer.


by Rene Zimermann. 2006.

First, thanks for the great version 1.7 of Rohos Welcome. I like it very mutch, especially, that I can use the regular Windows Logon Screen.

by Joshua Otero. 2006.

I love this program its great to know that when you have to leave in a hurry that your keys are attached to your computer and that you have to pull them out to get anywere, so that means that the pc locks anyone out unless they have the key or password...
I work at an insurance co. its hard to keep people from my personal files so now i just lock them up with rohos welcome...

thanks guys.
you are the next generation of gurus for the pc...

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