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The program Rohos Logon Key provides numerous enhanced features over and above what our competitors offer. It helps you easily re-use your USB flash drive as a protection key and security token for home and office computer.

Here are some Rohos Logon Key features:

  • Regular password based login can be prohibited
  • As USB Key you can use: any USB flash drive, U3 Smart flash drive, SD/MMC memory card, Aladdin eToken, Yubikey, etc
  • Automatic login or unlock when USB Key is detected
  • Automatic Windows lock when user withdraws USB Key from computer. And more options for what you would like to happen whenever the USB key is removed, such as: Hibernation, activate Screen Saver, Logoff
  • [Unique] Protects your computer even in Windows Safe Mode login. It is not possible to bypass USB Key security by loading computer into Safe Mode
  • Emergency Logon that helps to access your system in case you lost USB drive or forgot PIN code
  • Flexible USB Key options: A single Key can be used to log in into multiple computers - OR - A computer can accept only a single Key for login, ignoring stranger keys
  • Restricts access to a PC for certain users based on time factor. Access is limited to a certain amount of time user can stay logged in. When the user's time is up, Rohos will lock the desktop automatically
  • Rohos seamlessly integrates into any Windows configuration automatically choosing authetication modes. Read more
  • Allows to use USB Key to log in into Remote Desktop

For corporate customers:

  • Works with all major Windows authentication services: Local login,Rohos integrates into Windows logon model, USB key for password-less login Network/AD login, Novell Client login, Remote desktop login. It does not disable nwgina.dll or msgina.dll activity
  • Rohos Logon Key integrates with the standard msgina.dll authentication modes without replacing its functionality. Thus, no compatibility problems will be encountered just because you have installed Rohos
  • For remote users: it is not required to install Rohos on every PC where you do remote connection using USB key login
  • USB Key Management utility. Included into Rohos Logon Key Server version and allows to set up USB login sticks for hundreds of users
  • MSI installation package with command line switches
  • Support password expiration/renewal policies in Windows, including Remote Desktop connection. The USB Key will be updated with a new password
  • The program can disable access to USB removable drives. The USB drive can be used only to log in\unlock system
  • Blocks user access to USB Flash drive (USB Key). This prevents users from copying/reading files into USB flash drive on the office workstations
  • Installation guide that thoroughly describes all aspects of using Rohos Logon Key in the corporate environment with deployment examples
  • 60-day trial period. Ask for a Registration Key in order to thoroughly test Rohos Logon Key in your company during 60-day trial period
  • Reasonable prices.

If you are looking for a specific feature within our software, then please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with any additional information we have about that specific functionality.

USB Key security:

  • USB Key cannot be duplicated. Logon profile is bound up with a USB flash drive serial number
  • USB Key originality. By default USB Key is bound up with a computer where it was created for login. Another USB Key will be ignored by the program (even with a valid logon profile).
    Computer owner can forbid using any other USB Key except one for login
  • Protected password. By default USB Key does not contain your Windows password in plain form, but only Encryption Key pair that is used to reconstruct password for login operation
  • Two-factor authentication by using PIN code for USB Key. This is a small password with only 3 attempts to enter that is required when you login by USB Key.

Rohos Authentication modes
Rohos seamlessly integrates into any Windows logon configuration using one of the following authentication modes. Each mode is a set of Rohos settings and tools that is used in order to provide password replacement solution in a particular case:

  • Rohos welcome screen (gina.dll)
    Recommended for Windows 2000 Pro.
    Rohos replaces Windows authentication module (gina.dll) with its own custom gina.dll.
    - Not compatible with Windows XP Fast User Switching
  • Windows XP/Vista welcome screen + Rohos
    Recommended for Windows XP/Vista;
    Rohos integrates into Windows welcome screen/login window.
    - Password expiration/renewal doesn't supported
  • Windows native authentication (msgina.dll)
    Recommended for Windows 2000 Server/2003, or Windows 2000/XP joined to Windows/Novell network.
    Rohos Logon Key works "over" gina.dll authentication module without replacing its functionality. (supports integration with msgina.dll, nwgina.dll, ctxgina.dll).
    The password is automatically entered into login dialog box right from the USB Key.


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