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Tired of passwords, replace them with your USB flash drive.



Log into windows with USB flash drive. Easy, automated and cost-effective Tesline-Service SRL has developed a convenient solution for replacing your system password with a USB flash drive. Rohos Logon Key lets you log on to your Windows without scrambling for passwords just plug in the USB flash drive whenever a password is required to log in or unlock desktop, and you're in.

Update: Now it works with Windows Vista!

Why should you use USB flash drive to log in into Windows?

  • You don't need to remember and manually type your Windows password (but your system is password protected as well)
  • You can use HUGE secure passwords that comply with the "security-enhancing" principles.
  • Enjoy fast and automatic login into Windows. User can be automatically logged into Windows as they insert the device into the USB port, it is not necessary to type your password.
  • Automatic Windows lock-out when user unplugs USB Key from computer.
  • Higher security with PIN code for USB Key - to stop anyone else logging in with it. Learn more on how two-factor authentication works in Rohos Logon Key.
    This option allows you to avoid re-inserting USB Key in "sign-in - lock - unlock" use case. Just press Win+L to lock and click on USB icon on the welcome-screen to unlock - enter PIN and you are in.
  • You can disable anyone to work with your computer without your USB flash drive.

How does "USB-stick secure login" work in Windows?

First you need to install Rohos Logon Key and setup USB flash drive as an access key to you Windows.

1. When you plug-in your USB flash drive into USB port, you are identified. Application reads login and password information that is entered automatically into Windows login dialog.

Here is how your password is entered automatically:

USB Drive contains login and password information that is entered automatically into Windows login

Here is the Rohos USB key login button on the Windows Vista login screen:

2. When you withdraw your USB flash drive key, the program automatically locks Windows session.

Note: You can continue using your USB Key to store and transfer files.

USB-stick login key and security

You can ask: "It looks cool... but what will happen if the owner has lost the key or it was stolen... does it mean that anyone can get my password or access to my Windows?"
Real user password is not stored on the USB Key. Also you should protect USB Key with a PIN code - to prevent anyone use your USB Key to access Windows account without you.

Rohos Logon Key stores only "password-fingerprint" on the USB flash drive that is used to generate user password for login. Also USB Key cannot be duplicated just by simple copy-paste method.

FAQ: "but what will happen if I've lost the key... is there anyway to login to Windows again?"
Yes, sure. Program has Emergency Logon feature that helps to owner to access Windows computer if USB key was damaged or lost.

Logon Integration

Authentication is integrated within the Windows security
Rohos works on the Windows logon desktop and just automatically enters user password into login box when it is required. It integrates into any Windows logon configuration. Thus, no security problem will be encountered just because you installed Rohos.

Completely simulate Smart Card logon
In comparison with Smart Card Logon, Rohos Logon Key provides more functions that are easier to use. In corporate networks environment Rohos can stop users to use USB login key to store and transmit personal files.

It is considered to be the most convenient and user-friendly password replacement application on the market.

Product Info

Rohos Welcome box Rohos Logon Key
It allows to access to Windows computer in a secure way by USB Key
Turns any USB flash drive into protection key for your computer.
Restricts access to a PC for certain users based on USB Key/time factor.

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Your benefits:

  1. Replace weak password based login with a hardware USB key (USB flash drive or memory card);
  2. Use big password, without the need for remembering it;
  3. Login with USB Key is fully automatic and fast!
  4. The system is password protected but you don't need to enter it manually each time you login or unlock;

No risk because of:

  1. Emergency Logon that helps to access your system in case you lost your USB Key or forgot PIN code;
  2. PIN code to protect USB Key against unauthorized usage (with limited attempts to enter);
  3. Safe Mode guard - no chance for Bad Guy to bypass USB Key security by loading Windows in Safe Mode;
  4. Rohos uses NIST approved data-security principles: real user password is not stored on the USB Key, USB Key copy protection does not allow to create unauthorized Key duplicates;

See also:

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How to configure USB flash drive for secure Windows login?

Also visit our How-to section and learn:

  • How to configure Windows so that it will never autoplay anything on the USB flash drive that is used as an Access security token.
  • How to increase Windows password security with two-factor authentication.

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