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November, 2008 | Rohos Logon Key. New sites

French version of Rohos Welcome - http://rohos-fr.com - Chers utilisateurs, nous sommes heureux de lancer pour vous le site Rohos en français. Le programme d'autorisation à deux-facteurs Rohos Logon Key pour Windows/Mac, le programme de cryptage Rohos Disk Encryption et Rohos Mini Drive ont gagné l'amour et le respect de beaucoup d'utilisateurs. Nous sommes heureux de vous proposer de Support Technique et des informations en français.

French version of Rohos Welcome- http://rohos-es.com - Queridos usuarios estamos muy contentos de presentaros el sitio Rohos, en español. La aplicación con autentificación doble-facturada Rohos Logon Key para Windows/Mac, cifrado de Rohos Disk Encryption y Rohos Mini Drive obtuvieron el amor y respecto de muchos usuarios. Le ofrecemos con mucho gusto el apoyo técnico y las novedades, todo en español.

November, 2008 | Rohos Logon Key supports YubiKey

Today, November 04, 2008, Tesline-Service SRL announced that it’s Rohos Logon Key Mac OS X version - authentication solution for Mac OS® X Tiger and Mac OS® X Leopard now supports YubiKey. To learn more please, read here...


July, 2008 | Rohos Logon Key supports YubiKey

Tesline-Service is proud to announce that Rohos Logon Key v.2.5 (beta version) supports YubiKey - a new authentication solution. To learn more please, read here...

Today, 27 June, 2008, Tesline-Service has announced release of Rohos Logon Key v.1.0 for Mac OS X - Mac authentication solution based on USB flash drive. Rohos Logon Key turns any USB drive into security key for your Mac allowing to quickly lock and unlock Mac desktop.
To learn more please, visit http://www.rohos.com/mac-os-x

June, 2008 | Rohos Logon Key. New translations

Due to increased interest around the world in Rohos Logon Key - two-factor authentication solution, Tesline-Service has been prompted to extend the program's translation list. We'd like to present you - Portuguese, Japanese and Polish translations. You are welcome to see them!

Rohos ログオンキーはRohos ログオンキーは, USBドライバをPCのセキュリティトークンに換えて、USBトークンによって安全に「Windows」を搭載したPCにアクセスできます。Rohosログオンキーは車の鍵のように機能します。Rohos ログオンキーは結果的には手動でパスワードを入力を要する、他にあふれている原始的なPCロックの機能と異なり、パスワード方式に代わる認証の正規解決法です。

Rohos Protuguese (Brazilian) O Rohos Logon Key transforma seu drive USB em um dispositivo de segurança para acessar seu computador. Com ele, você substitui o login com senha tradicional do Windows por um token que pode ser o seu Pen Drive, celular Bluetooth, cartão de memória, dispositivos USB Biométricos, entre outros. Web page Portuguese...

Rohos Polish. Rohos Logon Key 2.5 obsluguje teraz systemy Windows Vista/2008.Nowa wersja Rohos Logon Key obsluguje systemy Windows Vista i Windows 2008 Serwer. Program otrzymal logo "Works Windows Vista". Nowa wersja oferuje do uzytku nowe urzadzenia bezpieczenstwa dla ochrony komputera: USB tokeny takie jak Alladdin eToken, RuToken, uaToken, karty elektroniczne, biometryczne USB pen drive'y i telefony komorkowe z  Bluetooth. Web page Polish...

vista64.jpgTesline-Service announces that now Rohos Disk and Rohos mini are available both for 32-bytes (x86), and for 64-bytes (x64, AMD64, IA64) versions.Disk driver is updated for Windows XP and Vista, thus has been worked out the issue of Rohos Disk functionality in 64-bytes versions of these operational systems.


March, 2008 | Rohos Logon Key 2.5. for Windows Vista

Chisinau, March 26, 2008 – Tesline-Service SRL, is a small software company specializing in PC security solutions today announced that it released Rohos Logon Key 2.5., two-factor authentication solution, which “Works with” Windows Vista.


The solution provides ease-of use for interoperability, remote access and it has several key benefits:
· Fully supports Windows Vista
·Supports corporate USB tokens such as Aladdin eToken
· Server Version with USB key Remote Setup


March, 2008 | Rohos Logon Key, New version

We are proud to say that now Rohos Logon Key 2.5 full-featuredly supports eTokens, BlueTooth devices and Biometric USB flash drives as well-

December, 2007 | Rohos Logon Key, New beta version

Works with Windows VistaRohos Logon Key obtained Works with Vista status and was included into Vista applications list and Vista Upgrade Advisor.

Also we have worked on experimental feature to add support for Biometric USB flash drives requested by the Rohos users. Learn more...
Rohos Logon Key 2.5 beta

Oct, 2007 | Rohos Logon Key, New beta version

USB Token Aladdin eToken PRORohos Logon Key 2.5 beta with USB tokens support: Aladdin eToken PRO/R2, or any PKCS11 enabled tokens and smart-cards.

Also we introduced new Wireless Logon feature by using Bluetooth mobile phone or PocketPC.

You can try this new Rohos Logon Key 2.5 beta

July, 2007 | Rohos Logon Key, New version

Rohos Logon Key. Vista ready. 2-factor authentication credential provider.

Rohos Logon Key v2.4 - Windows Vista ready!
+ Now Rohos Logon Key offers full support for Windows Vista including Vista Remote Desktop login via USB key.
Release notes...

Rohos Credential Provider in Windows Vista

Read new in our FAQ:
What if I cannot logon using the USB key? NEW!

May, 2007 | Rohos Disk Encryption, New version

Rohos Disk Encryption v1.15 - Windows Vista ready!
+Now encrypted Rohos volume can be enlarged and it has better
Release notes...

April, 2007 | New version

Rohos Logon Key v 2.2 improved support for Windows Vista. Some fixes In "Rohos welcome screen (gina.dll)" logon model. New registry tweaks.
Release notes...

March, 2007 | New version

Rohos Logon Key v 2.1 with Emergency Logon feature and bug fixes.
Release notes...

Feb, 2007 | New version, team blog, new translations

+ Now Rohos Logon Key protects your computer even in Safe Mode. Thus, it is not possible to bypass USB Key security by loading computer into Safe Mode.

+ Read our news and USB Key security tips in our new blog : http://www.rohos.com/free-encryption/

New translations are available:

French version of Rohos WelcomeRohos Danish : Giver dig mulighed for at få adgang til Windows på en sikker måde ved brug af usb nøgle. Software der laver din usb nøgle til en sikkerheds enhed - for at beskytte din computer. Begrænser adgangen til en pc for bestemte brugere baseret på usb nøgle/tids faktor. Rohos in danish...

French version of Rohos WelcomeRohos Svensk: Tillåter tillträde till en Windows dator på ett säkert sätt genom att använda ett USB flash minne.
Mjukvara att göra ett USB flash minne till en säkerhets symbol - för att beskydda din dator Rohos i Svensk språk...

French version of Rohos Welcome Rohos Dutch: Rohos Login Key- Maakt het mogelijk om toegang te krijgen tot een Windows computer op een veilige manier met behulp van een USB sleutel. Deze software verandert uw gewone USB sleutel in een beveiliging's middel - om uw computer te beveiligen. Web page Dutchl...

January, 2007 | New version

French version of Rohos Welcome Rohos Español: Rohos Logon Key Permite el acceso a computadoras con Windows de una forma segura usando una unidad de almacenamiento USB (flash drive). Es un software para convertir una unidad de almacenamiento flash USB en una llave de seguridad – para proteger su computadora.Web page Espanol...

All-new Rohos Logon Key 2.0 is available!
The best password replacement and USB Key login solution for Windows! Release notes...

What's new in brief:

  • Now it supports memory cards attached to notebook's build-in card readers.
  • Higher USB Key security: it cannot be duplicated, it bound up with a user account.
  • Better support for Windows Vista, Novell Client, U3 smart drives.
  • Special opportunities for corporate customers: Remote desktop support, 60-day trial period, USB Key Admin tools and thorough user guide for Rohos Logon Key.

    Purchase Rohos and stay secured with a Key in hand!

    December, 2006

    FREE Download Administration and Installation guide (draft. v.1.0)
    Information about installing and operating Rohos Logon Key in the networking environment.

    October, 2006 | Windows Vista!
    Rohos Logon Key now works with Windows Vista RC1;
    Steganography feature Rohos Disk 1.15 - Hides and protects your files and folders into media files.
    U3 Smart USb flash drives. Password replacement solution. Tested and verified with U3 smart drives. It works!

    September, 2006 | New version.

    Rohos Logon 1.9 beta :
    * Networks support;
    * Strong Password generator;
    * Remote Desktop support;
    * Slovak and Czech languages added;

    June, 2006 | New versions.

    Rohos Logon 1.7 - Now with Fast User Switching support for Windows XP. Changes Log.

    What's new:

    • Autofill user password right into Windows XP welcome screen. Now Rohos Logon supports Fast User Switching in Windows XP! It works because our program does not replace gina.dll component thus doesn't reduce system security functions. (update: now Rohos supports 3 Logon models)
    • Added support of Novell Client 4.8 (and higher);
    • Now Rohos Logon can autofill user name and password into standard login dialog box (Win2k/XP/2003). Rohos does not replace gina.dll that allows to keep existing authentication and security procedures;

    New version of Rohos Disk 1.12:

    • Added steganography feature - allows to hide Rohos secured drive into any AVI, MP3 media file. New Hide Disk function allows to choose media file where Rohos disk will be created.
      Supported file types: AVI, MP3, MPG, WMV, WMA, OGG.
      Minimum file size: 3 mb;

    May 25, 2006 | French version and Home page.
    [Home page in French]
    French version of Rohos Welcome Rohos Logon - Le programme pour la gestion de l'accès aux ordinateurs équippés de Windows 2000/XP/2003.

    May 18, 2006 | Rohos Beta version.
    Rohos Welcome 1.7 beta available for download.
    What's new: Original Windows XP Welcome Screen support. Now our password replacement solution Rohos Logon support Fast User Switching!

    May 1, 2006 | New article.
    Higher Security Through Total Encryption
    Summary: There are a lot of software that can hide particular files or folders from other users in Windows. But total encryption is better. For safe and 100% data protection we recommend the use of data encryption software. Read this article to learn why.

    April 14, 2006 | New article and Home page in German .
    [Home page in German]
    Deutch version of Rohos Welcome Rohos Logon - Das Programm für die Steuerung des Windows-Zugriffs (Windows login). Es ermöglicht leicht und schnell die Windows Anmeldung durchzuführen und dabei Ihr Passwort jedesmal nicht einzutasten.
    Die Benutzung von USB flash drive anstatt des Passwortes.

    Inside Rohos encrypted virtual disk. How the On-the-fly disk encryption works.
    Summary: Rohos software creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk drive. Encryption is automatic, real-time (on-the-fly) and transparent.

    March 26, 2006 | New articles.
  • How is Rohos disk different from similar programs?
    Summary: There's about a dozen of similar programs on the web designed for creation of virtual encrypted disks (on-the-fly encryption and decryption). But the Rohos Disk offers an easier and more convenient way of working with the secret disk. The information is still well protected, but access to it is much easier.
  • Windows XP Hibernate advantages.
    Summary: Many desktop and laptop users do not use hibernation in spite of many advantages: quick Windows startup , the possibility to continue recent work without opening needed programs, plus password protection after resume. Use of hibernate feature can increase your work convenience, especially if you have to keep open many windows and programs.

    March 14, 2006 | New in FAQ.
    How to avoid re-inserting USB stick to unlock Windows?
    Is there a way to leave the USB flash drive plugged in, lock the workstation, then only to use the USB key PIN code to unlock the workstation? Or, shall I always have to remove, then reinsert the USB flash drive in order to enter the PIN code? Read the answer...

    February 22, 2006 | New versions.
  • Rohos Desktop Security combine 1.11
  • Rohos Welcome 1.6 - Changes Log.

    Important notice: Windows Logon component was removed from Rohos Desktop Security (RDS) package. Now it is available as an option. Teslain ltd. made this decision to simplify RDS product representation and marketing. Now the "Logon component" is a separate product - Rohos Logon .

    January 15, 2006 | Rohos Videos & new articles.
  • Watch the video guides about our software and see how it works before download.

  • How two-factor authentication works in Rohos Logon . Learn more on how Rohos Welcome protects your personal information and data with a Two-Factor Authentication technology by using USB flash drives.

    November 20, 2005 | New version.
  • Rohos Desktop Security combine 1.10 - Changes.txt
  • Rohos Logon 1.5 - Changes Log.
    Are you Win2k user ? - download and use XP-based logon picture for Rohos.

    August 10, 2005 | New How-to article
    Rohos Registry Guides:
  • How to optimize Rohos using registry tweaks?
  • How to change texts on the Rohos welcome screen?

    Learn more news from Tesline- Service Newsletter.

    August 5, 2005 | New version and more reviews.
  • Rohos Desktop Security combine 1.09 - Changes.txt
  • Rohos Logon 1.4 - see Changes Log. and it has been reviewed by the:

    Everything USB
    ... Rohos can be used to "XP-ize" your Windows 2000 logon as well. It shows the current date and time, estimates time logged on, excludes conventional logon (flash drive only allowed)...

  • Rohos Blog roll:

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