Rohos Disk Encryption

The Rohos Disk program creates hidden and protected partitions on a computer or USB flash drive and password protects/locks access to your internet applications.

When there are megabytes of sensitive files and private data on your computer or USB drive, you cannot imagine life without the hidden partition created with this wonderful tool.

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Strong & On-the-fly disk encryptionRohos disk uses the NIST-approved AES encryption algorithm and 256-bit encryption key length. Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly. No risk of data lossThe partition password reset option allows you to create a backup file to access your secured disk if you forget your password or lose your USB key.
Easy to useRohos cares about usability: your first encrypted drive can be enable with a single click or automatically at system startup. The Disk-On notification helps first-time users to know when the secured partition is ready to use. Hide folderThis option brings an affordable and strong (AES 256) encryption solution for security by preventing unauthorized local or network access to your internet applications, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Skype on your PC. Read more …
Unlimited encryption capacityYou can have an unlimited number of additional encrypted virtual drives, over your network storage, on a USB flash drive or on a DVD-ROM. The size of virtual drives is unlimited. Each secured drive can come with a shortcut to open it. A portable data-security solutionYou can keep a protected partition on a USB flash drive and access it on any computer. Rohos has a portable component that can be installed onto any USB flash drive along with a secured partition.
Maintain a USB key for access controlYou can use an USB flash drive or security tokens like Aladdin eToken to access all of your secured disks automatically without the need to remember and manually enter the password. MS Office integrationYou can open or save your protected documents right from MS Word or Excel by clicking on the personal disk icon. You don’t need to navigate through sub folders or an additional drive letter.
Doesn’t require administrator privilegesYou can access your virtual drive on a USB flash drive or DVD-ROM with Rohos Disk Browser on any guest computer without the need to have administrator privileges. Secure shortcuts on the desktopDon’t worry about the shortcuts to the documents from the encrypted drive. Rohos automatically hides them from the desktop when secured drive goes offline.
Expandable virtual drivesRohos Disk allows enlarging a virtual encrypted partition any time you need (applicable only for NTFS format partitions). Integrated file shredderAny file or folder can be easily moved into an Encrypted Rohos Disk with subsequent shredding of the unencrypted original. This functionality is available right from the File Explorer.
SteganographyHides your encrypted disk in a media container such as AVI, MKV, MP3, OGG, WMA and provides plausible deniability.


System requirements:

  • Any Windows
  • Installation requires admin rights

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Recent news:

Backup copies made faster in Rohos Disk Encryption 2.2 Oct 2015

Inside the Rohos virtual encrypted disk

File-Shredder – to delete file reliably and be sure that nobody can recover it.

How does Rohos Disk differ from similar disk encryption software?

Rohos Disk Browser enables you to open and view the contents of secret partitions on a USB drive on any other computer, even if you do not have administrative rights.

How to backup data on the USB drive secured partition

Rohos Disk Encryption (tutorial)

Previous version 2.1 from 24-04-2015