The Rohos Management Tools suite includes Rohos Key Admin and Rohos Remote Config tools that allow centralized key management and configuration control.
Rohos Management Tools is intended for the Administrator’s workstation only.

Freeware, 2 Mb

USB Key Manager

Create and manage USB Keys from a central location. If you have 10 or more users in your organization, you can use the Rohos USB Key Admin management utility, which allows you to create and edit logon profiles on a USB token.


  • Set up a key for Windows login on systems where Rohos Logon Key is installed;
  • Automated license management. Automatically writes the license into a key to simplify license management; The license then is copied into Rohos Logon Key.
  • PIN code security. Set up a PIN code for USB key protection;
  • Roaming logon profiles. Create and use roaming logon profiles on a USB Key, allowing you to log in to any PC.
  • Copy/paste operations. Allows you to copy/paste logon profiles between USB Keys;
  • Setup USB Key for Remote Desktop Login (RDP). Copy the Rohos Remote Login component onto a USB stick. Use this feature if you don’t want to install Rohos on any of the computers you log in from; Setup OTP tokens (Yubikey, Umikey) and MiFare for Remote Desktop Login;

Rohos Remote Config Utility

This tool allows you to change Rohos Logon Key settings on remote workstations. In the main window of the Rohos Remote Config Utility, you can:

  • Create the list of computers where Rohos Logon Key is installed
  • Edit Rohos Logon settings on a remote computer
  • Manage a USB key remotely (Remote RPC service should be activated on the client PC).
  • Export the list of USB keys to a domain workstation.

System requirements:

  • Administrator privileges
  • Windows Active Directory connection (not required if you are using Windows 7/8 on both the Adminstrator and user computers)
  • Remote Registry service enabled on a client PC.
  • Rohos Logon Key installed on a client PC.

Learn more about Rohos Key Admin and Rohos Remote Config.

Download Now. Freeware.

Note: This applicaiton is not compatible with Rohos Face logon program!

System requirements:

Works in any Windows PC

or Windows 2003-2012 Server as your Terminal Server computer

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