Rohos Logon Key for MAC OS-X

At present time we are working out Rohos Logon Key for MAC OS-X. At first the program will support USB flash drive. It is a great benefit for those who would like to use it for their home computer. The presented analogues of computer security solutions that already exist (e-Tokens, etc) are more convenient for company usage rather than for usual user.

The first beta version will be due by the end of this summer.

Rohos Logon Key has already proved its functionality in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
Computer security benefits using USB Key:

  • Rohos Logon replaces your Windows login/weak password with a USB Key
  • High Windows security with a huge and secure password using USB Key. It is automatically entered from USB Key when you login/unlock computer.
  • Automatic Windows lock when user unplugs USB Key from computer
  • USB Key security: 2-factor logon by PIN code, USB key copy-protection. All data are encrypted. Unauthorized Key defense.
  • A single Key can be used to access home and work computers
  • Regular password based login can be prohibited

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