Rohos Logon Key 1.5.2 for Mac

Here are new Rohos Logon Key v1.5.2 for Mac OS X.

It includes new features in Preferences pane:

  • Allow to log in only with USB Key. If this option is ON then regular password based logon dialog box will be disabled and covered with a half-transparent Rohos Icon. To log in you need to have USB Key. No emergency logon is enabled here except safe mode boot.
  • Password protect application, if it is ON then you need to pass system authentication window (to get Admin rights) to modify settings or access Rohos main window.

Some things were improved:

– installation script and now it installing all Rohos items (logon bundle, autostart item)
– Add USB Key function now would not ask for a password so many times
– Case-sensitive file system support, thanks to users reports.

Also, now it is possible to set up USB Keys on any other Server Mac, but you will need to manually copy Rohos *.k files into /Applications/.rohos folder on client Mac. We are still working under server-based usage of Rohos.