Windows login with secure RFID token Wireless PC Lock

“Wireless PC Lock” devices are now available in Rohos Logon Key. Wireless PC Lock (read more…): model KW-101, model KW-102 with Timer by SPIRIT-ON Enterprise Co. Ltd, Wireless PC Lock V 900 by VSON TECH Ltd have been integrated in Rohos Logon Key v. 2.9

Standard features of the Wireless PC Lock :

  • Lock/unlock Windows desktop using wireless RFID tag
  • Effective range 6-8 meters.
  • Your have the transmitter in the pocket, the RFID signal will be received automatically.  And You don’t have to plug in the device into PC each time (like regular USB Keys supported by Rohos Logon)
  • Password backup – unlock desktop by a password if your RFID tag is lost or not available now.

A few disadvantages:

– If you use passwod for Windows login – you need to enter it anyway to start your Windows or unlock it (after a Sleep for example).
– When you start your Windows the PC Lock program start working with a 5 second delay thus leave your desktop unlocked for a while. 
– When you load Windows in Safe Mode the PC Lock doesnt work

Benefits of Rohos Logon Key + Wireless PC Lock :

  • Windows authentication support – replaces your Windows password with Wireless PC Lock tag.
  • Windows login and screensaver unlock by Wireless tag – no need to remember and enter your Windows password.
  • Possibility not only to lock desktop but also to Log Off, Hibernate (Sleep) or activate secure screensaver when you step away from PC with Wireless RFID tag in the pocket.
  • Allows to set up several RFID tags (transmitters) for access to one computer.
  • Rohos protect login even in Windows Safe Mode .
  • Emergency Logon in case your RFID tag is broken or lost.

How to set up Wireless PC tokens for Windows login:

No mater what model of PC Lock you use, the procedure is the same. Install Rohos Logon Key to your computer. In Rohos Option window choose the type of the authentication device “PC Lock USB dongle”.

You should set up RFID TAG for system login in the dialog box “Set up USB key”. Turn on the RFID transmitter, the LED on USB receiver starts to blink red this means the device is working. In the set up window will appear ID number of the TAG.

Enter your current Windows password and click Setup USB Key. Done!

If there is more then one RFID tag transmitter in the room, Rohos will detect all of them:

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven x32 or x64

Rohos Logon Key


Here you can see the comparison table of different models of Wireless PC Locks:

Device name Wireless PC Lock v 900 Wireless PC Lock KW-101

Wireless PC Lock KW-102

with timer

Vendor Vson Tech Co Ltd. SPIRIT-ON Enterprise Co. Ltd SPIRIT-ON Enterprise Co. Ltd
Supported software
Effective range 1-8 meter 1-6 meter 1-6 meter
Immediate block button
Password support
Possibility to set up the password
Possibility to set up the time
Possibility to set up the personalized secure screensaver